Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael)


“The job of a revolutionary is, of course, to overthrow unjust systems and replace them with just systems because a revolutionary understands this can only be done by the masses of the people. So, the task of the revolutionary is to organize the masses of the people, given the conditions of the Africans around the world who are disorganized, consequently all my efforts are going to organizing people.”


    Brother Kwame Ture loved Africa so much. One of his greatest contributions was that he promoted the pan-African consciousness in our black people. He called himself an African. I’m not ashamed of my black African heritage as I am an African American. RIP Kwame Ture.

  • Hlambamanzi

    Kwame Ture is one of our ancestors who remained true to the
    revolution for total freedom of the motherland and all humanity.
    We love you Kwame Ture.

    Forward ever. Backward never !

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