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South Africans need to make a scientific class analysis of their society so as to create a more democratic form of parliamentary system of government based on one-man-one -vote with the power to recall those parliamentarians who are underperforming. The

The face of courage

04 December 2009 By Ezrom Serame Mokgakala, Toronto If you want to learn about being courageous, to surmount the insurmountable, let me introduce you to Mark John De Montes, the courageous face of Canada. His goal in life was to

Thanks Giving In North America

15 October 2009 By Ezrom Serame Mokgakala, Toronto, Canada My family and I were invited to a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner by our friend, a fellow Azanian named Ntombifuthi una Radebe. We live quite a distance from Ntombifuthi’s home. She lives

Cito Gaston: An adopted Torontonian

09 October 2009 By Ezrom Serame Mokgakala, Toronto, Canada Cito Gaston, the current Manager of the Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Team, considers Toronto as his second home. This is because he was born in San Antonio, Texas but has worked

Jean Augustine: From Happy Hill to Parliament Hill

28 September 2009 By Ezrom Serame Mokgakala, Toronto, Canada Jean Augustine’s life started at Happy Hill, a village just outside St. Georges in Grenada and then it took her to Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada, a long journey that saw

Thando Hyman-Aman to head Afrocentric School

21 September 2009 By Ezrom Serame Mokgakala, Toronto, Canada Thando Hyman-Aman, a young Toronto leader has been appointed the first head teacher of Canada’s first Afro-centric school, bringing with her a pristine resume  that won over even those of us


When it comes to learning how to fight poverty, almost all the experts agree that The Peoples' Republic of China is the best place to begin. "China has set an example internationally for reducing poverty, raising hundreds of millions of people


August 07, 2009 By: Ezrom Serame Mokgakala, Toronto, Canada The New York Times reports that Naomi Sims, the BEAUTIFUL face of the Black Power Movement died of lung cancer, on Saturday, August, 01 2009. She was 61 years of age.