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The USA Africa Command which they call “Africom” is a military structure of the Defence Department of America. It is the American political deception for establishing military bases on the African Continent. It conceals its real intentions in Africa. It was formed in February 2OO7 during George Bush’s term of office. This was two months after America had bombed a small African country, Somalia, destabilizing it to the ashes it is today.

At that time the American President said Africom “will enhance our efforts to bring peace and security to the people of Africa and promote our common goals of development, health, education, democracy and economic growth of Africa.” Where in Africa has the USA done this? With the same breath Bush revealed, “Africom will co-ordinate all U.S. security interests throughout Africa.”

Africa does not need Africom. What Africa needs is a mechanism to respond to peace missions in Africa to stabilize this continent politically for rapid economic development, control of her resources and speedy technological advancement of her people. The solution to Africa’s problems lies in strengthening the African Union not working against its objectives.

It would be naive and suicidal to believe that the US African Command can look after African interests. America does not look even after its puppet governments once they have served American interests. Hawks have never looked after the interests of chickens.

America and NATO have the worst records in their dealings with African people. Patrice Lumumba was assassinated with the connivance of the US government. Kwame Nkrumah was overthrown with the assistance of America CIA. In recent years the American government and its British cousin have plotted a “regime change” in Zimbabwe to look after its own American interests.

In Libya it is America and NATO that are bombing this country into a desert in order to access its oil wealth. Africom has been established to recolonise Africa – to serve American interests. Recent events in Libya have exposed the real intentions of imperialists. Not long ago, they said they do not “negotiate with terrorists”, but now to advance their imperialist interests, they have not only violated the United Nations Resolution over “No-Fly Zone” in Libya, they have supplied the rebels with sophisticated weapons and money to kill their own people. American and NATO soldiers are fighting side by side with these rebels.

Their ill-intentions in Africa are shown by their complete disregard of the African Union in its attempts to resolve the Libyan problem. America and NATO have treated Leaders of the African Union with contempt and disdain. They have literally sabotaged the AU efforts to bring peace to Libya as well as in the Ivory Coast.

There must be a collective defence of Africa against imperialism. All African States have a national and continental responsibility to refuse the presence of Africom on the African soil. African leaders who play the “Africom game” with America are digging the grave for Africa. They are endangering the security of all Africans in Africa.

By Dr. Motsoko Pheko

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