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Africa’s glorious past has been downplayed by the West and they are choosing heroes for us. We must bequeath to the youth, knowledge about Africa’s past. There are those who are fond of saying that we must not dwell on the past. They need to be reminded that to chart the future we must reconcile the past with the present.

Africa is the cradle of humanity and of civilization. The first empire in the world was the ancient Egyptian empire. Before the 1830’s Egyptian civilization was known to be African and brought about by African people. However, with the advent of western imperialism after the 1830’s, all that changed. There are books like Gerald Massey’s Egypt: The light of the World volumes one and two which can shed light on ancient Egyptian influence around the world.

There are Egyptian hieroglyphs which were found in northern Sydney, Australia but have been kept secret and you won’t hear about these finds at the universities of this neo-colonial state called South Africa. No university in this country teaches Egyptology. The hieroglyphs that were found in Australia coupled with the Aborigines’ folklores that there were strangers who came to their country on ships bear testimony of Egyptian influence around the world in antiquity.

The interaction between Australian Aborigines and ancient Egyptians can be further supported by kangaroo fossils and marsupials which were found in Egypt and the boomerangs that were found in Tutankhamen’s tomb in 1922. Australia was not discovered by Captain Cook since Egyptians went there more than a thousand years before he could set foot there. (The Aztecs are also reported to have traveled to Australia after the Egyptians).

The original inhabitants of Egypt were black Africans and called their land Kemit which is ‘the black land’. But western scholars who were driven by the ideology of racism which coincided with the rise of western imperialism after the 1830’s portrayed ancient Egyptians as Asiatic or whites. The Arabs who now inhabit Egypt and other northern parts of Africa came to that part of the continent in the 7th century in the Common Era (C.E) when all the elements of Egyptian civilization were already in place.

Dr Cheikh Anta Diop’s book African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Reality is a good and well researched source of information on ancient Egyptian civilization. Dr Diop was also an Egyptologist and a Nuclear Physicist. He used his multi-disciplinary scholarship to demonstrate through the melanin dosage test which he invented and used on mummies to show that they were black Africans

By Sam Ditshego


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