"Martyrdom is victory!"

Muammar Gaddafi was buried at a secret location because Libyan interim rulers say they are preventing people from going to pray at his grave. This sounds bizarre. How can people go and pray at the grave of an unpopular person? We were informed by the western media that he was unpopular.

Gaddafi was buried following an autopsy (post mortem) confirmed that he was killed by a bullet to the temple (Patrice Lumumba was shot the same way in January 1961 by Frank Carlucci). Libya‘s chief pathologist, Dr Othman al-Zintani made the autopsy confirmation, but refused to elaborate on Gaddafi’s final moments, saying he would first deliver a full report to the attorney general.

Libyan rebels posted a YouTube video of a young fighter claiming that he had shot Gaddafi in the head and chest. That young fighter is Sanad al-Sadek al-Urebi. Libyan authorities have said that they would not prosecute him if evidence emerged that he was the killer. Instead he would be treated as a national hero. International law must apply equally without duplicity, selective morality and double standards. NATO and NTC rebels have committed war crimes in Libya.

The media in the US had a field day celebrating the assassination of Gaddafi. His convoy was attacked by a US drone aircraft together with NATO, the French and the British planes after which he was attacked by the NTC rebels. Drone planes are meant for assassinations. An estimated death toll in Libya from NATO air strikes is between thirty and fifty thousand people. Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan described them as a Coalition of Demons.

The African Union must set up its own war crimes court on the continent. The conflict in Libya is far from over because resistance in many regions of that country continues contrary to propaganda by NATO forces. Dr Christof Lehmann wrote that fierce resistance of Libyan Military, Tribal and popular forces have not only succeeded in pinning the world’s leading military alliance, NATO down to the Libyan war theatre, it has probably been the greatest strategic asset for Syria, Iran and Pakistan, which are targeted for NATO’s next phase of a multi staged global conflict.

While most media repeat the narrative that most of Libya is “liberated”, the facts on the ground are unchanged. Most of Libya is firmly under the control of Libyan forces. The AU must demand the body of Gaddafi for proper reburial by his people, that Sanad al-Sadek al-Urebi be declared persona non grata by all African states and other supportive countries that respect international law, be arrested and brought to trial for the murder of Gaddafi and NATO forces and some members of the NTC face charges of war crimes and that NATO forces must leave Libya with immediate effect.

By Sam Ditshego

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