Liepollo Lebohang Pheko

It is with great pleasure that the Pan Africanist Youth Congress (PAC) of Azania cordially invites all committed activists to the 2nd Mayihlome Annual Lecture to be held on Saturday, 30th October 2010 at the Central University of Technology – Welkom Campus from 16h00, under the theme “The Struggle for Economic Liberation in Neocolonial Times”, to be delivered By Liepollo Lebohang Pheko.

In a nutshell, the Mayihlome Annual Lecture is a public political platform to promote discourse over challenges facing the poor African masses in Azania and the whole African world, from a pan Africanist point of view.

The target constituency for this Annual lecture is young people, especially students, young women, the working class and the poor masses in general. However we involve veterans of the party to bridge the gap and to bring synergy between the older and younger generations so that the historical tasks are clearly understood by future (potentially) leadership of the party.

The objective of the Lecture is to create deeper interaction between the African masses, social movements, civil society organizations and the pan Africanist movement. Moreover, the Lecture deliberately promote fresh, youthful and vibrant voices committed to the struggle for total liberation of the African people in order to chart a new path (futuristic) to drive the African National Liberation struggle to its logical conclusion.

The Mayihlome platform will contribute towards deeper political consciousness; participatory political culture and renewed hope and confidence in pursuit of the ideals of Africanism and Pan Africanism. We must collectively reflect and take stock of where we come from and how far we have gone in realizing both the material and spiritual needs of the African people since political ‘independence’.

At a party political level this platform seeks to reposition the PAC of Azania into a viable, vibrant, dynamic mass based revolutionary organization in the national, continental and international political landscape, moving from the periphery to the centre.
The Annual Lecture as a Party Building tool is aimed at:
– Reorganizing the leadership of the party;
– Redefining the role of the party today;
– Restoring the party’s political credibility in the eyes of the public;
– Creating a strong base of revolutionary forces;
– Mobilizing progressive forces in society;
– Recommitting cadres of the movement to the revolutionary cause of Pan Africanism and Socialism; and
– Building a revolutionary leadership collective.
We must strive to build a credible political vehicle that will advance the struggle for true political independence and economic liberation of the African masses.

“Aluta Continua!”

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