Book club thrilling world of reading

Book Club thrilling world of reading

“A nation that reads is a nation that grows”, said Tony Simanga (50) a founder of Book club in Mamelodi Township near Tshwane. An avid reader with a burning desire to take readership back to the people of Mams.

His utterance was fuelled by his discovery in the importance and thrilling world of reading. Having identified a need for reading among youth aimed at keeping them away from vulnerable temptation of drug abuse and crime. He did not give up!

Simanga says reading brings knowledge that will make people take informed decisions. To encourage readership and create a platform that expose residents to various type of reading material Simanga challenge Mamelodi Intellectual academics to come together and make his initiative a success.

“The book club will lay foundation upon which society can best function and position its system for achieving great things on the social and economic front”,

“My challenges are set by lack of funds and resources while there are part of the Mamelodi community that does not have access to the internet and e – mails, Simanga explained.

“Reading is more enjoyable and increase level of understanding and reasoning when one reads about things they have seen, but it can be a lonely skill”, said Simanga.

“However, most distance learning students have no prescribed text books. I hope book club will make it easy for the needy to access study material and expand their horizon”,

A self employed married father of four children born and raised from a not well to do family started making collection of books some years ago. He bought most books with money generated from his informal trading business and his acquaintance in United Kingdom send him 8 books bi-monthly.

Book club members choose and exchange their books and meet once a week to review books they read and brainstorm ideas during weekly discussions. They are exposed to various reading material that was uneasily obtainable in the past.

His parents were not educated but Simanga matriculated in 2001 and graduated with University of South Africa (UNISA) in Adult Basic Education Training in 2003 followed by a diploma in literacy teaching course a year later.

He urge good Samaritans to help unearth hidden talent and give a nobble gesture to his book club for the best interest of Mams residents. He may be contacted on 073 927 3490 or visit his book club at Mamelodi West Section K (C1) House no. 3224.

By Thomo waga Nkgadima

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