Makinda continued to say that when researchers convey their findings, they do so in their language; and language cannot be value-neutral. Sometimes scientific knowledge is interpreted to suit the interests of funding agencies. It is this value-laden knowledge that African scholars and policy makers consume. We need to question some of the untenable theories we consume especially because those theories come and go. If one looks at the history of medicine, there were so many wrong things that were not challenged until after a long time. An example is serum injection and lately the history of how Aids spread. It makes absolutely no sense. Vaccines as safe an effective interventions have also been debunked but pharmaceutical multinational companies are pumping a lot of money in funding some scientists and PR firms to embark on propaganda campaigns.

While we may need help from foreign institutions, we should also utilize our indigenous knowledge. Many universities on the continent were run aground by lack of funding for research and meddling of a political nature. African universities should be funded for research and there must be no political interference in the running of those institutions.

By Sam Ditshego


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