The Pan Africanist Youth Congress of Azania (PAYCO) is tired of unprincipled tendencies displayed by the ANCYL President Julius Malema. It is high time that the youth of this country must rise and teach Malema a lesson of life. He cannot talk left and at the same time walk right. He is not different from his allies whom he calls “Yellow Communists”. His bourgeoisie and opportunistic tendencies have been exposed by his expensive birthday party held yesterday.


Malema and the ANCYL must be ashamed of cutting an expensive birthday cake while majority of poor African masses that they claim to be representing in Seshego have no bread to cut; busy drinking expensive French wine while Seshego residents have no access to clean water; driving to of the range Land Rovers while people of Seshego have no roads and breaches to cross. He proudly proclaimed that he owns two luxurious houses while majority of South Africans have no shelter to stay in while publicly attributing his wealth accumulation to his membership of the ANC.

The falling bridges that were constructed by his company is a clear consequence of cheap labour, exploitation of workers and nepotism. Anton Muziwakhe Lembede must turning in his grave, when an organisation he served, suffered, and sacrificed for is being used as springboard to petty African bourgeoisie life at the expense of poor African youth who make more than 40% of the unemployed population in this country.

Issued By PAYCO:
Sello Tladi

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