Nelson Mandela, the sole liberator of South Africa?

Pan Africanist Youth Congress (PAYCO) of Azania has been waiting for a long time to hear people come out clean, like Winnie Mandela did recently, on the treacherous role played by Nelson Mandela. No one in the ANC will dare rubbish the statements she made because they know that it is truth. Winnie’s revelations is a confirmation that the ANC never had the interests of the African people at heart but only cared about their personal aggrandizements and looting resources in the name of the poor like Mandela did.

We would like to remind the masses of our people that Mandela was release from Robben Island and he was taken to Pollsmor prison where he lived like a king. He started negotiating with representatives of the Apartheid government long before CODESA negotiations and former PAC President, Zeph Mothopeng warned about this sell-out behave when he said “prisoners are not free to negotiate”. But here was a prisoner (Mandela) negotiating with his jailers.

The masses of this country must be reminded that the person they have been brain washed to celebrate as a hero is the master of their misery, architect of their poverty and their deplorable living conditions. It is for that reason that while some celebrate the 20th anniversary of his release from ‘prison’, majority of poor African people is being shot with rubber bullets by the brainless police force all over the country. This sell out should never be celebrated. The PAC of Azania remains the only true custodian of the interests of African people.

Issued by PAYCO
Lucky Khoza
Secretary General
073 371 8233

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