Labour BrokerTo the masses of the working people that endure the hardships of the intestified exploitation and other barbaric forms of capitalist accumulation, the discussion about the labour brokering is absolutely necessary, in fact it is long overdue. We do not think that this discussion could not have taken place  at more opportune time, precisely because as we’re passing through the unfolding economic crises, the capitalist crises, which the bosses are resolutes determined to offload its burden on the sholders of the working class, we’re bound to encounter, an accelerated escalation of the most savage attacks on the working people and their conditions of work, which is what labour brokering, in our opinion amount to.

It is our view that the entire industry is parasitic and must be liquidated, if our pretence of sound and just industrial relations is to continue to enjoy a semblance of legitimacy and credibility. So we say parasitic because labour brokers add no value whatsoever to the process of production, instead the very subsistence of the labour brokers is predicated on the parasiting like bloodthirsty ticks on the surplus value which emanate from the productive process, in which they contribute absolutely nothing. In actual fact, labour brokers are merely device of the bosses that are trying to flout the labour relations act, particularly those gains of the working class struggle that today constitute the legal basis for the protection of workers against unfair labour practices.

Our experience indicates that in every workplace, where labour brokers are involved the working conditions are far worse than in all others. In all matters of comparison, ranging from salary levels to matters of workplace safety, labour brokered companies are relatively very worse. In this context we echo the sentiments of the Minister of Labour, Membathisi Mdladlana that labour brokers are contributing factors towards poor safety at works. As we pointed already, the labour brokerage is merely a device of company bosses resolute to flout and frustrate the application of labour law, including regulations on occupational health and safety.

This obviation of the labour law becomes possible because the main providers of work are by definition not the actual employer of the workers in respect of whom the occupational health and safety has to apply. This situation only means that they have no obligation whatsoever towards this workers, including on matters of skills and training, which are very much crucial to workplace safety, precisely because, in the absence of the necessary training and skills, workers, especially those working with dangerous equipment becomes health hazard both to themselves and others in their working environment.

Actually we are very certain that if today a survey was to be conducted our perspective on the link between poor training and skilling of labour brokered workers and many workplace accidents does exist. Whereas to the bosses these accidents are just numbers or replaceable workers, to the injured workers and their families, these accidents means loss of valuable limbs and lives, shattering of dreams and whole lot of human suffering, physical, emotional, economical and others that are simply beyond comprehension, not to mention feelings of capitalists, whose logic remains a desire to maximize profit at minimum input, including a cost of maintaining safety and health standards that benefit description of safe, decent working environment.

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