" Ghana continues to be the beacon of hope that must inspire all Africans..."

The Ghananian national soccer team have done Africans proud at the 2010 FIFA World Cup and proved once again that Ghana continues to be the beacon of hope that must inspire all Africans to overcome economic plunder, exploitation, poverty, underdevelopment and achieve continental unity.

It is unfortunate that the Black stars of Ghana have been denied an opportunity to proceed to the semi final after a Uruguay player, Luis Suarez, pushed out the ball which was a definite goal with his hands, from the goal line. The All Black stars were such a formidable side that the Uruguay national team had to play with two goal keepers! Even the FIFA World Cup favourite to lift the trophy, Germany, beat Ghana only 1 – 0 but hammered the equally favourite side of the tournament, Argentina, 4 – 0.

Credit must go to the foresighted founding fathers of the Pan Africanist Congress such as Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe, Zeph Mothopeng and others for having long regarded Ghana as the light of the continent and a source of inspiration as symbolised in the PAC’s flag which has a star shining from Ghana and spreading its rays throughout the rest of the continent.

Only if Morning Live can show the logo of the PAC for its viewers to see. But I know that will not happen because the SABC is ideological and tendentious. If it were the ANC that had foresight the SABC could have long brought that to the attention of its viewers and listeners. The problem is that SABC leaders who are political appointees must return the favour to the governing party by currying favour with the ANC and to treat the PAC as a polecat.

Morning Live may not read this message but there are other media outlets with no axe to grind. Finally, Leanne Manas and Vuyo Mbuli will have known the truth about the foresightedness of the founding fathers of the PAC.

By Sam Ditshego

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