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Stop Afrophobia

The demon of Afrophobia is rearing its ugly head again in the squatter camp of De Doorns near Cape Town. This is one of the many tragic and embarrassing incidents that have plagued the so called new South Africa for

Who let the dogs out?

The four mercenaries who attempted to overthrow the oil rich Equatorial Guinea government have now been released, thanks to the President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma. Their financial backer, Mark Thatcher, son of former British Prime Minister (Margaret Thatcher), got

Reitz four guilty of unforgivable racist behavior

Newly appointed rector of the University of Free State (UFS), Professor Jonathan Jansen, has decided to pardon four students guilty of racism and, to add insult to injury, invited them back to the campus so that they continue with their

Eskom’s electricity hike will harm the poor

Eskom is determined to hike electricity tariff by 45% for three years in a row. This year they have already increased the tariff by 34% despite the difficult economic conditions affecting the whole world. These alarming increases will have dire

Embrace the Dragon

Chinese flag

Africans are repeatedly warned to beware and shun the dragon. The story goes like this: Africa should be terribly worried of the proliferation of China’s investments on the continent. According to advocates of this view, this economic development poses threat

The Defense Workers Manifesto

A spectre is haunting a bougersisie state….the spectre of working class consciousness amongst defense workers and forces of the bourgeoisie state have launched a futile campaign to exorcize this spectre. Since the strike by South African National Defense workers, Minister

What separation of powers?

The French writer Charles de Secondat Baron de Montesquieu argued that government power must be divided into legislative, executive and judicial authority. The reason for this doctrine of separation of powers (trias politica), accordingly, is to prevent power from being

The ruling elite is interested in personal wealth accumulation.

There is widespread outcry over the spending of South African government ministers on luxury cars while there is so much poverty, rising massive unemployment and low revenue collection. This obnoxious culture of materialism and consumerism is prevalent amongst the ruling

Soccer bosses interested in self enrichment

Football is one of the most popular and passionate sporting activity not only for the greater majority of our people in this country but for people all over the world. England is known to be home to some violent hooligans

Subversion of the will of the people

The classic definition of democracy is a government of the people for the people by the people. In this regard the Africanists define democracy as a government of Africans for Africans by Africans emphasizing the inalienable right of the indigenous