University fees

It is a shameful and an appalling feature that provokes utter disgust the fact that universities still speak of increment on student fees, even amidst the government’s public declaration of the tough and testing times ahead of us due to the global economic meltdown, the economic recession.

Notwithstanding the fact that ideologically we diametrically differ with the currently available scheme of government for financial aid, and notwithstanding  the ministry’s  acknowledgement of the need to improve it and avail more funding as much as possible….to our surprise our universities are still very firm on their agenda to avail education to only those who can afford.

We also affirm our unwavering position once more, that no fees will increase in our campuses for the year 2010 and going forward, therefore a moratorium should become the order of the day insofar as fees are concerned. We are willing to take the streets across the entire country, university for university and campus for campus.  We will never allow exploitation of the African child from working class backgrounds, forward ever and backward never!!!! No retreat and no surrender!!!!

Financial aid

Each member should be able to attain access from elementary to tertiary education. This position encapsulates persons of all races and classes. Such education should come at the expense of the state in a modern nation-state subject to its dissolution with the victory of scientific socialism.

PASMA defines free education as education which is provided for by the state using tax payers’ money. This therefore, means that education is a right not a privilege of those who can afford. Free education does not translate itself only on monetary terms but relates to all issues that appear as obstacles to accessibility to education. We envisage a situation where free education will commence from pre-primary to higher education.

However, before this is attained the government should do a national audit of all debt owed by students with the intention of paying student debts and calling for a total eradication of the current form of NSFAS, hence our submission to the Ministry of higher education and training that echoes our position very clearly so, as highlighted above.

As PASMA we view education indeed as one of the fundamental tools that are used by society to reclaim the lost morals, values, cultures and civilization of Africans for the total emancipation and liberation of mother Africa and her off springs.

Education is not a compulsory, but an obligatory process, as it is a process of living not a preparation for future living!!!!

Victimization of students and leaders in mass protests

Student activism in our universities is being suppressed to the highest degree, to such an extent that general students do not want to associate themselves with student formations avoiding being victims of the system.

Students are of late hosts of intimidation from senior managers, and are made cannon fodder and victims of expulsions and traumatizing court cases against them by their respective universities.

We have observed institutions through their senior managers and Vice chancellors using repressive measures not that different from those of the past apartheid regime in dealing with protests on campuses.

We totally rebuke this neo-liberal and counter revolutionary action, and we view this as remnant acts by the colonial masters that still are prominent in our education system, hence our effort to totally eradicate this notion for the realization of an anti-colonial epoch in our education is our principle.

PASMA will ensure that no more blood shall be spilt in all campuses by charging the ministry of education for intervention, and explore all possible avenues to ensure that every student in South Africa can participate free of any intimidation and victimization.

Our forefathers liberated themselves through mass demonstrations, therefore we shall continue as well. Whenever words are futile, with action being the solution as it is always the case!!!!

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