Our fundamental principle of being anti-exclusions remains intact, although we advocate for academic excellence and espouse a belief in a student community where one maintains the principle of respect to the other, and high moral and high discipline.

Universities must first ensure that there are proper facilities that are in place insofar as academic support systems are concerned such as specialized tutoring services, computer labs and internet in residences, study commons/areas etc.

Students from historically white universities are largely not affected by exclusions as opposed to those in historically black institutions or universities of technology, be it academics or finances and this to us as PASMA cannot be tolerated and will face a full wrath of our condemnation criminal and unjust.

Hence we call for an immediate upgrading of all these universities and the well resourced are used for benchmarking purposes.

PASMA will ensure that no student gets victimized and dealt with by the system as a result of financial exclusion. Education to us remains an obligatory fundamental right that can never at any stage be compromised by a capitalist evil agenda.

Why vote for PASMA?

PASMA is the MESSIAH of students in



all their challenges they face in their everyday lives on campus, and we do not subscribe to the school of discrimination.

We have been in existence in higher education for just over a decade now, yet our achievements go way beyond anyone’s’ imagination.

Though we do not have the support or advantage of being an alliance of the ruling party, we have managed to achieve the following: influenced National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) to avail registration fees/upfront payment to register at the beginning of the year; increase of government funding to universities; and reversal of fees of many universities such as: TUT, CPUT, CUT, NWU and other institutions of higher learning.

These are just but a few of our achievements out of the mountain of achievements that we have had over the years as a student movement.

Invest your vote in PASMA, and you will receive dividends!!!

Issued by the Pan Africanist Student’s Movement of Azania (PASMA)

(For more information contact PASMA President, Lwandile Socikwa, on 073 492 6658)


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