Linda Kwame Ndebele

Newly elected PAYCO President Linda Kwame Ndebele

Today, the Chief Editor, Hulisani Mmbara, pose questions to the recently elected President of the Pan Africanist Youth Congress (PAYCO), Linda Kwame Ndebele, on a wide range of issues concerning youth mobilization and the revolution.

Congratulations on your election as PAYCO President. What does this mean for you and the leadership collective?

Thank you very much; it is a wonderful and fulfilling feeling to lead a revolutionary movement that truly carries the hopes, needs and aspirations of our people. Having said that a reality then sets in that the journey of leading in the PAC and PAYCO means selflessness, sacrifices, suffering and total service to Africa and its people world over.

It makes the task ahead easier to know that the collective leadership entrusted with the tasks of leading PAYCO at the Congress, in Kimberly, is made up of competent people and revolutionaries indeed. Mind you a revolution does not take place without revolutionaries.

We are certain that we would not faulter on the mandate that we have been entrusted with, by the Congress, for the next 3 years. To us this election means we have the responsibility to strengthen PAYCO to become a major player in politics, youth struggles and development; to lead fierce people’s struggle for the creation of a socialist state; to mobilize the youth and the masses of our people into the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC); to join hands with other Pan Africanist organizations world over to accelerate the creation of the United States of Africa; and to lead our people in a never ending struggle against the ruling elite, culminating in the overthrowal of the capitalist system and creation of a classless society.

What are some of the key resolutions taken at the National Congress and how will this strengthen your (PAYCO) drive to mobilize young people?

The Congress made a number of important resolutions some of which are to intensify the struggle to reposition the  PAC of Azania into a formidable and vibrant political force; to take a centre stage in youth politics and youth development programmes; to participate actively in National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) and the Youth Ministry; to fight for a single Public Health System; to establish the party school and intensify political education; to lead grassroots struggles and agitate the masses of our people to fight and defend their interest and aspirations; to work closely with community based organizations; and Non Governmental Organizations on bread and butter issues.

These crucial resolutions are a framework and a roadmap that directs us to what we will focus on, in the next three years, in our struggle to emancipate our people and mother Africa. We are quite certain that we are equal to the task and the mandate given to us by congress. We will be all over Azania marketing and implementing our IOTA Programme of Action which is our guide to state house.

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