The world is ruled by private corporations. These entities are mainly registered as public companies although there is nothing public about them and are commonly referred to as international companies although they belong to few European tribes. The hegemony of white supremacy asserts that international means Caucasian while others are regarded as subjects.

The primary functions of these institutions are to pay more than expected dividends to shareholders and expand market share. These functions can only be sustainable under a corporate friendly legal framework and therefore puppets governments are necessary tools to create conducive environment for these corporations. As such these companies demand ‘investor’ friendly environment which simply put means subordinating citizens and national interests to interests of a few shareholders. Elements of this pro-investor environment include market reservation, anti-competitiveness practices, tax breaks, public funded guarantees and excellent free infrastructure.

It is generally accepted that corporation model is the best way of organizing and controlling the means of production. This belief rather than scientific quest for better mechanism has retarded the formulation of a perfect enterprise. The worker owned and controlled enterprise model remain undeveloped. Self employment remains a transit point to traditional employment and mainly in the micro enterprise sector. The model continues to be informally structured, individualistic and characterized by unstructured governance.

The development of ownership and control of the means of production should have been a matter of preoccupation for the socialist movement and pan Africanists, in particular. It should have come naturally to pan Africanists to desire an enterprise model that consist of various elements of African cultural principles including cooperative working and recognition systems. It is unfortunate that Pan Africanist organizations have been overindulging on history resulting in failure to design the future. The economic emancipation of African people lies in cooperative enterprise organization as opposed to corporation.

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