The Tripartite Alliance.

Let me make it clear that I hold no brief for the current ANCYL or its President. At the same time I also have no truck with the shenanigans of the unholy and unprincipled tripartite alliance which is characterized by parasitism and opportunism. But might I remind Blade Nzimande and Gwede Mantashe that the ANCYL is a formation of the ANC not an alliance partner that is parasitically and opportunistically clinging on to the ANC. The SACP has been riding on the coat tails of the ANC for far too long and it was about time that it should go it alone rather than being so grumpy and grouchy.

Mantashe told ANCYL President that he (Mantashe) wasn’t at the SACP special congress for the ANC. He said, “This is an SACP congress…” That is a typical problem of dual membership. Mantashe is Secretary General of the ANC. However he attends an SACP congress not as a member of the ANC, and yet he has the gall and temerity to tell SACP delegates at that SACP special national conference “to swell the ranks of the ANC” in order, as Nzimande unashamedly put it, “to reflect its character and strength as it seeks to influence decisions (read policies) in both the ANC and government”. This is blatantly parasitic and opportunistic. Why do they want to swell the ranks of the ANC and reflect their character and strength in the ANC in order to influence decisions in both the ANC and government rather than swelling the ranks of the SACP?

They are hangers-on and they have persistently and consistently denied their shameful relationship with the ANC. They have now inadvertently admitted that indeed they are parasites and opportunists. When the ANC has its gatherings, Mantashe curries favour with the ANC and gives the SACP a dressing down wearing an ANC hat. He is a chameleon like all those with dual memberships. These parasites and opportunists are still in their Stalinist mould because they have changed the SACP constitution to allow Nzimande to hold on to the position of Secretary General of the SACP as well as his cabinet post. The secretary generalship of the SACP is a full time position which means Nzimande should have relinquished at the time he accepted to become Minister of Higher Education.

The SACP leadership changes the rules to suit its power mongering. This is undemocratic. They have succeeded in realizing this undemocratic manoevre because the followers of the SACP are suckers. A character like Nzimande criticized those who are “more brazenly Africanist but without a coherent ideological outlook”. But does the SACP have a coherent ideological outlook? What is left of its ideology is just garbled and muddled mishmash.

Africanism is found enveloped in enigmas that seem impenetrable and was revealed to us by great African thinkers some of whom warned about the dangers members of the Communist Party posed to the African people in many ways. The SACP is rabidly anti Africanism and continues to undermine the nationalist character of our struggle. We are Africans and not workers. We waged our struggle as Africans but not as workers. In the early 1920’s Marcus Garvey arguing with members of the Communist Party of the United States said, “we are Africans first, last and always”. He also accused them of regarding Africans as expendable.

In January 1959 Robert Sobukwe also told some communist-influenced members of the ANC that our struggle was not a workers or a class struggle but that it was a national struggle because we were not oppressed as workers or as a class but as an African nation. Unfortunately, the ANC had already bought into the ideological bankruptcy and confusion of the SACP in the mid 1950’s which it is still hanging on to like a drowning man clutching at straws.

Former President Thabo Mbeki tried to rescue them from ideological bankruptcy but they chucked him out in the most despicable way being assisted by the same ANCYL President who is now their target. The ANCYL must admit that the chickens have now come home to roost and that the PAC had always been correct about the analysis of our struggle for liberation and the ulterior motives of the SACP.

By Sam Ditshego


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