Leading The Positive Action Campaign, Robert Sobukwe in Orlando, 21st March 1960. (Source: Peter Magubane)

The PAC achieved a small victory, because the struggle for liberation was never the same again since the heroic events of Sharpeville-Langa massacres. It had become international. In 1976 and in 1984, the people-powered struggle continued to gain popularity until the collapse of the political structures of apartheid and settler-colonial government.

It is now a challenge for the PAC to take the struggle to its logical conclusion resulting in the amelioration of the living conditions of the African people. The current internal contradictions in the PAC are not life and death struggles which require violent harm of limb and soul. Inner party struggles often take different forms if they are not principled and based on ideological or political theory disagreements. They have the tendency to become reactionary. At this stage the differences in the PAC revolve around democratic procedures and crooked ways by dark forces to take control of the PAC and betray its historical mission.

The Mphahlele doctrine of leadership is shallow and naive, bordering on a strange but maddened method to liquidate what makes the PAC tick. He has alienated the revolutionary forces inside the PAC and systematically stolen the PAC from its spiritual owners and its members. This in itself is reactionary. Anyone who holds a different opinion from that of his lackeys is expelled. He has placed goons ahead of reason, and he turned the PAC into a strange organization. And he is quite about all these self defeating stances.

In real terms, the purported leaders have no locus standi in the PAC. The 2008 Alice congress has been declared null and void by the court ruling of the Western Cape High Court on 23 April 2008, and again on 4 September 2009 when an appeal was dismissed. The PAC therefore has no leadership that is duly elected by a congress – the highest decision making body. The tsotsi element is at play trying to disrupt the democratic processes to restore discipline and build a united revolutionary force led by the PAC as decided upon at a convention held in Cape /town on 27-28 November2009.

The PAC is the African people. It must reclaim its role as a true vanguard of the Azanian masses. It has gone through a lot of battering but often raised itself from the ashes to spark fires of enthusiasm to its members and followers. This time around it will rise again and it will triumph!

By Jaki Seroke

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