Media outlets in South Africa don't raise awareness among the masses

Readers can read The Star, The Independent, Business Day, Sunday Times, Mail & Guardian, City Press and Sowetan or watch Morning Liveor listen to Morning Live or Radio 702 for the whole year or most mainstream media, they will never learn about issues that matter to them like the nefarious intentions of the United States towards Africa. Media outlets in South Africa don’t raise awareness among the masses about what the US’s reckless campaign to dominate the world and take control of the world’s energy resources. Instead these media outlets just report non-issues, in fact sublime nonsense.

These media houses have spent the better part of the 1980’s to date canonizing Nelson Mandela while wasting our time and distracting our attention from issues that matter. On the other hand, politicians are busy lining their pockets, as seen with the fly- by-night ANCYL millionaires taking after ANC leaders, while criminals are busy terrorizing ordinary citizens, instead of fighting against US expansionism on the continent and other parts of the globe.

Media practioners and commentators who were in the trade in the 1980’s to date should not feign ignorance at Winnie Madikizela Mandela’s comments published in the London Evening Standard that Nelson Mandela “let us down” and “he agreed to a bad deal for blacks” which comments were published in almost all South Africa’s daily newspapers. Similar comments were first echoed by the Pan Africanist Congress leaders like Zephania Mothopeng even long before Madikizela Mandela thought she could utter them. Madikizela Mandela was lenient. Mothopeng said Mandela had sold out and continued to say that prisoners were not free to negotiate with their jailers referring, of course, to the secret talks Nelson Mandela had with apartheid demigods.

PAC founding President, Robert Sobukwe, saw it coming when in a nurses’ completers’ social in 1948 he said inter alia, “…We must be the embodiment of our people’s aspirations. And all we are required to do is to show the light and the masses will find the way. WATCH OUR MOVEMENTS KEENLY AND IF YOU SEE ANY SIGNS OF ‘BROADMINDNESS’ OR ‘REASONABLENESS’ IN US, OR IF YOU HEAR US TALK OF PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE AS A MODIFIER OF MAN’S VIEWS, DENOUNCE US AS TRAITORS TO AFRICA”. After his release from a house he lived in at Victor Verster, Nelson Mandela said a lot of bamboozling things such as “Africans/Blacks were having unreasonable expectation” which were not surprising to us followers of Mothopeng and Sobukwe. Traitors to Africa will be exposed in broad day light.

Already I have said it on Goitsemodimo Seleka’s Motsweding FM Sekolo sa Bosigo radio show on the 1st or 2nd July 2008, that US Presidents are not in charge in the US but that wealthy powerful ruling families control governments. So I am not going to talk about Barack Obama. Obama is a pawn in a global chess game. He was instructed to select former US Marine General James Jones as US National Security Advisor with an expanded scope of the job to give the advisor the kind of authority once wielded by Henry Kissinger during the Nixon administration, and Zbigniew Brzezinski during the Carter administration.

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