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Why are South African authorities craning their necks and looking so far in order to eradicate crime? The capitalist system that the ANC government inherited from apartheid government and pursues is the major part of the problem that engenders criminality.

In a capitalist economy there is the ubiquity of monetary exchange but the vast majority of people in capitalism can get the things they want and need, only if they have money with which to buy those things in the market. But many people are unemployed and poor and see those who are politically connected ostentatiously flaunting their opulence.


Human capital experts tell the world that the payment structure in a workplace is based on a logical formula consisting of complex variables namely the function complexity, skill scarcity, skill criticality, undesirability, risk, accountability and responsibility. It is rational expectation that the higher the indicator on a variable the higher the compensation.

It is also sensible to conclude that work experience and academic qualifications assist the recruiters to determine the best candidate for the position. This skill and credential matrix is forwarded in sophisticated microeconomic platforms as the foundation for the remuneration system.

The majority of workplace participants believe that the current remuneration structure is natural. It is accepted as the only way to determine appropriate remuneration. The corporate captains and industry bosses on the top of the remuneration scale vow that they perform the most complex functions. They say they possess the scarcest skills and hold the highly undesirable jobs. It is their strong view that their position put them in the highest category of health, emotional and physical risk. It is killing a sacred cow to question superiority of accountability and responsibility levels of members at the top of industry echelon. But is this myth really true?


Commissioner’s resignation not newsworthy

News about the resignation of South Africa’s Deputy National Police Commissioner,

Former Police Deputy Commissioner, Tim Williams.
Former Police Deputy Commissioner, Tim Williams.

Tim Williams, is a cause for concern. Newly appointed flamboyant Police Commissioner, Bheki Cele’s Spokesperson, Nonkululeko Mbatha, said she didn’t know why Williams resigned.

Williams tendered his resignation on the 15th September at the National Press Club in Pretoria but strange enough the story wasn’t in the news at all on all the SABC’s radio and television news channels. This prominent resignation coincided with the Police top brass’s media conference at which they rattled the sabre.


The Pan Africanist Students Movement of Azania (PASMA), as a custodian and vanguard of the genuine aspirations of students is committed to jealously defend students against the attack of capitalism in the education system, eradicating all these ruthless characters that find host in this system and complement capitalism, these being: neo-colonialism, commoditisation of education, racism and all forms of discrimination.


To the masses of the working people that endure the hardships of the intestified exploitation and other barbaric forms of accumulation, the discussion about the labour brokering is absolutely necessary, in fact it is long overdue. We do not think that discussion could not have taken place at more opportune time, precisely because as we’re passing through the unfolding economic crises, the capitalist crises, which the bosses are resolutes determined to offload its burden on the sholders of the working class, we’re bound to encounter, an accelerate escalation of the most savage attacks on the working people and their conditions of work, which is what labour brokering, in our opinion amount to.

It is our view that the entire industry is parasitic and must be liquidated, if our pretence of sound and just industrial relations is to continue to enjoy a semblance of legitimacy and credibility. So we say parasitic because labour add no value whatsoever to the process of production, instead the very subsistence of the labour brokers is predicated on the parasiting like bloodthirsty ticks on the surplus value which emanate from the production process, in which they contribute absolutely nothing. In actual fact, labour brokers are merely device of the bosses that are trying to flout the labour relations act, particularly those gains of the working class struggle that today constitue the legal basis for the protection workers against unfair labour practices.


The media has been dominated by reports about the hypocrisy of Minister of Higher Education and Secretary General of the South African Communist Party (SACP), Blade Nzimande, who says one thing with one side of his mouth and says another with the other side of his mouth. Nzimande has recently purchased a luxury BMW 750i worth 1.1 million despite financial difficulties facing the South African government in the wake of the economic recession.


Edward Kennedy, the brother of former USA President John Fitzgerald Kennedy who was assassinated on the 22nd November 1963 in Dallas, Texas died and was buried a few days ago. There are quite a number of reasons why this issue deserves attention. One of them is for us to understand the global power dynamics which are glossed over in the mainstream media. The second reason is that those who plotted the assassinations of Patrice Lumumba, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King are the ones who plotted the assassination of JFK. Last but not least, it is my wish that young Africanists should investigate the assassination of Japhta Kgalabi Masemola.

An assassination has motive and those who carry it out almost invariably have the capacity to carry it out without being detected and where there is a possibility of being found out, they are able to cover their dirty tracks because they control key organs of state. That is why the SA President Jacob Zuma’s appointments in key areas in government must disturb right thinking citizens of this country.

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