Month: Feb 2011

The Revolutionary Rebellion in Egypt

I said several days ago that the die was cast for Mubarak and that not even Obama could save him.

The world knows what is taking place in the Middle East. The news is circulating at incredible speed. Politicians barely have time to read the cables coming in by the hour. Everyone is aware of the importance of what is occurring there.

After 18 days of harsh battling, the Egyptian people attained an important objective: to defeat the United States’ principal ally in the heart of the Arab countries. Mubarak was oppressing and plundering his own people, he was an enemy of the Palestinians and an accomplice of Israel, the sixth nuclear power on the planet, associated with the military NATO group.


President Jacob Zuma delivered his 2011 state of the nation address to parliament. Since the time of Nelson Mandela, we have been hearing the same story every February. Zuma gets his fat cheque every month so are Cabinet Ministers and Members of Parliament, including those of the opposition and they don’t give two hoots about the poor and unemployed. They are the worst hypocrites.

Praise singing, which was introduced by Nelson Mandela, has gotten out of hand and reflects the parochialism of ethnicity/tribalism. It doesn’t belong to a national institution like the national assembly. Parliament must transcend tribal predilection.


It is emotionally self-fulfilling to blame the enemy and agents’ provocateurs for the terrible state of pan Africanist organisations worldwide. It is equally emotive to read pieces of work that attribute underperformance of African people oriented organizations to adverse external factors. However these analyses do not cover all the drawbacks and are therefore incomplete. It is easy to blame everyone else for one’s failures where there is lack of serious self introspection. This unhelpful propaganda or limited analysis prevents us from tackling impediments that are hindering successful execution of revolutionary tasks bestowed on us by history.

On the other hand, there is no doubt that Pan Africanism being diametrically opposed to imperialism will be targeted by imperialist forces who will naturally mobilize vast resources to destroy Pan Africanist movements in defence of their interests. There is no question about the seriousness of threats presented by external forces to any organisation advancing African people’s interests for economic independence, self reliance and national self determination. It is nevertheless the supreme duty of revolutionaries to protect and defend revolutionary movements from enemy attacks by building unassailable and incorruptible political institutions.

Pan Africanists have not applied themselves to holistic institutional development of their organisations. Neglecting institutional growth has made Pan Africanist organisations superior on economic and social analysis but highly underdeveloped in developing the necessary capacity to create and sustain a desired social order

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