Underfire: IEC Chairperson - Adv. Pansy Tlakula
Underfire: IEC Chairperson – Adv. Pansy Tlakula
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The arrogance of ANC leaders clearly shows that they are rigging elections and have Western backing. There is no way a leader of a corrupt political party can engage in corruption, make dismissive utterances of corruption charges against him and in the same breath say “the ANC will rule until the second coming of Jesus” if elections were not rigged. What about the response to the Public Protector’s recommendations that he pays back the money improperly spent on his homestead? What did he say? He said he was not going to pay it back because he did not ask anybody to make the so-called security upgrades at his private residence. Yet he says he and his party are going to win elections with a two-thirds majority for that matter. What does this say about the majority of the people of this country? Are they apathetic?

One almost invariably hears analysts and commentators spewing the constant refrain “the ANC is going to win the up-coming elections though with a reduced majority” without mentioning a thing about the voting system and electoral process. Are these analysts and commentators indolent in their work or are they complicit in voting fraud? There is also dearth of investigative journalism especially with regard to voting fraud.

The first problem is that the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) is not independent because it is run by supporters or members of the ANC. Presiding officers belong to Sadtu which is affiliated to Cosatu which is part of the tripartite alliance with the ruling ANC. It is a misnomer to refer to the IEC as ‘independent’. For example, there is a pending case of vote rigging against the IEC in Tlokwe in which it rigged elections in favour of ANC candidates and in another instance it disqualified independent candidates from contesting by-elections and was forced by a court ruling to reverse that decision. Moreover, it’s Chairperson, Adv. Pansy Tlakula was found guilty of corruption and conflict of interest by the Public Protector. Nothing has happened to her. Can such a character be entrusted with running this country’s elections when the IEC itself is beset with problems of stealing elections? There needs to be an immediate injunction against her not to get involved in running elections until she has been sanctioned.

South Africa has thousands of polling stations but not all the votes are counted especially from the rural areas yet we are told there is one man, one vote. What happens is that the Electoral Commission uses a particular mathematical formula to count the votes and concentrates on the votes of the “big” parties and assign a thumb-sucked percentage to political parties such as the PAC and Azapo. The percentages given to these political parties are a total thumb suck…. they are not based on the real votes counted. The EFF has already been given its percentage even before the elections are held. They “predict” that it is going to get four percent. Initially they predicted about ten to twenty percent for the EFF.

In the US elections are rigged through voting machines and programmed software. In Ohio in late 2012 there were media reports that a company linked to Mitt Romney owns the voting machines used in Colorado, Ohio and other states. The Election Systems and Solutions (ES&S) is one of the companies that sell voting machines and manufacture software that is used to rig elections. It is important to find out where elections materials of the IEC such as, for example, computers and its software were manufactured or bought from. All the political parties must agree on the elections materials to be used during elections because running of the elections is not the exclusive prerogative of the ANC or IEC. The ANC with the connivance and collusion of the IEC perpetuate itself in power through rigged elections.

Moreover, it should be borne in mind that the West also wants the ANC in power and will do everything in its power to keep the ANC in power. After all, the ANC was installed by the West through imperialist brokered negotiations and a rigged election. There are very few countries in the world whose ruling parties the West has not endorsed. They are our neighbour, Zimbabwe, Sudan, North Korea, Iran, Ecuador, Cuba and Venezuela. The rest have the approval of the West. Any left leaning political party that can defeat the ANC in elections will face persistent destabilisation from the West including sanctions or the ANC will refuse to relinquish power. The West does not believe in the will of the people as it claims. It merely pays lip service to it.

South Africa is said to be a corporation owned by Britain whose CEO is Jacob Zuma and that Britain would not allow political parties they disapprove of win elections and rock the boat. South Africa is literally owned by Britain and Britain is under the Vatican. To compound the situation, two former South African Presidents Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki were honoured by the Duke of Gloucester. Mandela was invested as a Bailiff Grand Cross of the Order of St John at a ceremony at St James’s Palace when he was 86 years old. This order is headed by the Queen of England. Mbeki was made Knight of the most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem in Cape Town. Helen Zille and Ebrahim Rasool were present. All these Orders and secret societies fall under the Vatican.

South Africa’s problem is much more complicated than what most people think. It is not going to be a question of winning elections and unseating an organization anointed by the rulers of the world to safeguard their interests. The ANC is a political party of Western allegiance no matter how its leaders want to portray it as a revolutionary organization. It is not a revolutionary organisation; it is a poodle of the West. The people of this country must take charge of their country by making sure that the ANC, IEC and the West do not decide our future for us by manipulating elections and rigging votes.

By Sam Ditshego
The writer is a Senior Researcher at the Pan Africanist Research Institute (PARI).


  1. The issue of Pansy Tlakula leasing for the IEC a building belonging to Thabo Mufamadi, a person with whom she is romantically involved and who is also the ANC’s Chairman of the Portfolio Committee on Finance is more serious than most people think. That building could have been leased probably because Thabo Mufamadi might have installed computers with software that enables the IEC and ANC to rig elections with ease. That building is the national IEC office used as a central data collection place where results from thousands of polling stations are sent and fed into computers. This is where elections are won and lost. It won’t be enough to force Tlakula to resign, the software of the computers of the IEC must be checked by computer experts. Another method of sending results to the central office must be explored. The current one is open to rigging. On leasing that office Tlakula should have checked if it wouldn’t have worked out cheaper if a building were bought not necessarily the one belonging to her lover. This week on Kaya Fm IEC Deputy Chairperson Terry Tselane said party agents were there to guard againt rigging. There is a problem with this line of reasoning because parties without funds cannot afford to pay for party agents to man thousands of polling stations because some of the money these parties pay to register for elections. The ANC and the DA – which are against regulation of political party funding and disclosure of the source of funding for political parties – are the only parties that always afford to hire party agents to man all polling stations in the country. This state of affairs makes nonsense of the notion that elections are free and fair. Finally, let me remind readers that the issue of allocating votes was decided at Codesa during secret talks. One day the ANC and National Party are going to be exposed how they stole the elections from the PAC in 1994 as part of their secret agreement. The PAC has been cheated ib subsequent elections through rigging. The PAC is the only party whose votes declined since 1994 other parties are growing. The PAC started with 5 MP’s and now they have 1 MP. This is done deliberately to portray the PAC as a useless political party in order to discourage the masses from voting for the PAC, take it from me. The PAC has its share of internal problems, however, they are overshadowed by those that are generated by the governing ANC.

  2. To buttress the points I raised about election rigging by the ANC which I always raise and have raised in 1994 before the election results were announced, I urge readers to visit rense.com/general45/deklerk.htm

  3. I said it about election rigging. There are allegations of vote rigging and the EFF is reported to demand a rerun of the Gauteng poll. DA leader Helen Zille said on television yesterday that immediately the ANC fell below 50% in Gauteng the provincial IEC results centre in Gauteng stopped sending results. Meanwhile IFP supporters in Alexander claim that they saw ballot papers in an ANC marked vehicle and resorted to violence.

  4. One of the most advanced urban areas in Africa, Gauteng Province, seems to be having “problem”s in submitting half of their ballot counts on the recent election.Whilst a sparsely populated, huge primitive area in South Africa, Northern Cape, has submitted all its results. Could the ANC in collusion with the IEC be rigging these elections(which I was never interested in to begin with) but intrigued with, nevertheless….for fear of losing the Gauteng Province??

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