JF Kennedy -            Source: www.abcnews.go.com
JF Kennedy – Source: www.abcnews.go.com

Half a century ago on the 22 November 1963, the President of the most powerful country on earth, the United States of America, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was assassinated in broad daylight in Houston, Texas. JFK was murdered on a Friday and his fiftieth anniversary falls on Friday (22 November 2013) this very week.

A patsy named Lee Harvey Oswald was fingered as the lone assassin of JFK… it was claimed he shot JFK from the sixth floor of a nearby building and was arrested. However, eye-witnesses who had lined up the street to watch the motorcade of their President said several shots were fired from different directions including from the grassy knoll. The witnesses died one by one until others were afraid to come forward to testify at the phoney Warren Commission which was established by the very same people who had a hand in the assassination of JFK.

The plot thickened when Lee Harvey Oswald was shot by a Mafiosi (a member of the Mafia gang), Jack Ruby, in front of the police escorting him and years later Jack Ruby himself died of cancer in jail. Jack Ruby is reported to have been worried about falling victim of being deliberately infected with cancer since he knew how the people for whom he worked operated. Jack Ruby killed Oswald to cover the tracks of the real killers of JFK.

One of the outstanding researchers on the Kennedy assassination who read all the volumes of the Warren Commission Report, John Judge, says evidence of the JFK assassination reveals that Oswald didn’t own a rifle nor a pistol. He didn’t fire a gun that day. There were no nitrate samples on his cheeks or palms. He didn’t kill anybody.

The witness testimony and photographic evidence show that Oswald wasn’t on the sixth floor and couldn’t have gotten down the staircase to the first or second floor to be buying a coke, when the cop stuck a gun in his stomach in the first round of interchange a few minutes after the shooting. In fact, seven people saw him watching the motorcade go by, on the first floor, as Kennedy was being shot. There is a photo by James Altgen’ shows him standing in the doorway. Yet the Warren Commission says it was somebody else.

A private US citizen, Abraham Zapruder, captured Kennedy’s assassination on film which was doctored by the FBI. The original film shows the secret service agent driving Kennedy’s limo, William Greer, turning and shooting Kennedy in the right forehead area which blew a huge gaping hole out the right rear of Kennedy’s head. When Greer shot Kennedy he had already been hit with bullets from the rear and to his throat probably from the grassy knoll.

The Zapruder film was a subject of years of lawsuits which finally forced the FBI to return Zapruder’s film to him. But what they gave him was doctored with critical frames removed and others fudged. However, there is an online YouTube video narrated by William Cooper titled “William Cooper – JFK Assassin Unmasked”. Cooper’s book Behold A Pale Horse is also an interesting read which this writer reviewed for Botswana’s weekly newspaper Mmegi/The Reporter in the mid-1990’s. Around the same time this writer also reviewed John Judge’s book Judge for Yourself for the same publication. Another interesting book by John Judge is Good Americans which can be accessed online.

On the other hand, several books were written by insiders whose mission was to mislead the public. One such book was titled Case Closed by Gerald Posner. In this book, Posner contended that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assassination of Kennedy and that Jack Ruby acted independently. This flimsy analysis and rickety conclusion do not become a lawyer and an investigative journalist. Posner’s conclusion belongs in the realm of speculation.

There is also a Hollywood film by Oliver Stone in which he puts the blame for the assassination of Kennedy squarely on the laps of the Military Industrial Complex. That is a tiny fraction of the story. After all, we can’t expect Hollywood to bite the hand that feeds it. We should bear in mind that Kennedy was not the preferred candidate of the US’s ruling class. They preferred Richard Millhouse Nixon to Kennedy. However, Kennedy’s friend switched the voting machines in Chicago which saw Kennedy win the 1960 elections. When Kennedy assumed office he already had a baggage. He was clearly not The Establishment’s man.

No sooner had Kennedy occupied the oval office than he realized that things were not the way they were supposed to be. The CIA was a law unto itself. He found out that he had been misled by the CIA about the Bay of Pigs, a botched planned invasion of Cuba and other operations. He wanted to “scatter the CIA to the four winds and place his brother Robert in charge of the CIA”. He was reported to have said that “he was not an errand boy of the Pentagon” and had written a memo ordering the pulling out of US troops from Vietnam. This move raffled the feathers of The Establishment. The answer was to violently remove him from office. Who said there were no coup de tat’s in the US? Kennedy was removed from power through a bloody coup de tat. Nixon was removed from power through a coup de grace. The Establishment hatched the Watergate scandal and forced him to resign. Kennedy was killed on Friday and by Monday 25 November 1963, a memo reversing the withdrawal of US troops from Vietnam had been circulated and effected.

When Patrice Lumumba was assassinated in January 1961 Kennedy was US President. However, Lumumba’s assassination had been planned by the administration of his predecessor, Dwight Eisenhower. When asked about the assassination of Kennedy, Malcolm X said the chickens had come home to roost. The corporate media deliberately distorted Malcolm X’s statement to give the impression that he was happy that Kennedy had been killed.

John Judge’s research indicated that the people who killed Lumumba are the same people who murdered Kennedy in 1963 and Malcolm X on the 21 February 1965. Conspiracies are real and do exist. The US ruling class conspired to kill these leaders including their own President in the case of JF Kennedy.

By Sam Ditshego
The writer is a Senior Researcher at the Pan Africanist Research Institute (PARI).