Africa MUST unite under a socialist order

On May 24 1963 Kwame Nkrumah made a historic speech at the founding conference of the OAU, the precursor of AU, calling on Africans to come together under one government – Africa Must Unite! It was in fact upon Ghana’s attainment of political independence from Britain, five years earlier, on March 6 1957 that Nkrumah first made the call for unity when he declared: “The independence of Ghana is meaningless unless it is linked with the total liberation of the African continent.” This declaration echoed several earlier Pan African Congresses that challenged slavery and colonialism.  
Nkrumah’s accurate analysis reflects a clear understanding of imperialist mechanics and the futility of nominal independence which leaves structural designs of colonialism well and alive. The strength of imperialism, colonialism and neocolonialism in Africa lies in the division of Africa hence all who dare advocate creation of one African government are subjected to slanderous abuse by local and international capitalist forces.
It is therefore not surprising that as the 13th African Union ‘Heads of States’ Summit underway in Libya, concludes, Colonel Maumar Ghadaffi is subjected to neo liberal capitalist slanderous offensive, led by the mainstream media, for urging acceleration of efforts to create a united states of Africa with a single defence, citizenship and currency, amongst other things. Contrary to malicious propaganda being spread by the media, African unity is not Ghadaffi s’ personal dream but an aspiration of the poor exploited African masses.
Unlike the mainstream media purveyors of capitalism and lunatic white racist supremacist ideology, Ghadaffi is an undoubted son of Africa. He is loyal and committed to Africa. The African petty bourgeoisies co-opts class of the neocolonialist system will similarly continue to oppose this revolutionary cause in service of imperialism, the way a pathetic slave serves the master.
For more than five decades African liberals have argued for ‘gradual’ movement focusing on ‘building’ regional economic blocks under a free market system that continue to benefit former colonizers. This line is peddled by puppet governments on behalf of imperialist forces to frustrate real freedom and unity of African people from ever materialising.
African unity under a socialist government is the only guarantee for general security, political stability, economic development and social upliftment of the poor African working class masses. As long Africa is still divided it will forever remain victim to imperialist plunder and exploitation. Its children, generations after generations, will continue to work, sweat and die for imperialism. We must demand creation of one African socialist government in our life time.
Hulisani Mmbara
Chief Editor