Happy Holidays

It’s that time of the year when we all take a break from work to get some rest. However it is also a time when tragedies befall many families. Road accidents deaths, violent crimes, gratuitous consumerism, overspending and teenage suicides are some of the unfortunate things that leaves a bad taste after the ‘festive’ season.

Already in South Africa there have been more than 600 deaths on our roads. Those who lost their life in these accidents were today and tomorrow’s breadwinners. Many families will become destitute and many investments have been lost as a result. Our sincere condolences goes to all bereaved families.

Early in the New Year the popular Matric results will be announced and the hopes of leaners who hope to pass their Grade 12 exams and go to colleges and varsities will be dashed. Many children of the poor African working class masses will fail as a result of the dysfunctional education system while the few who pass will not afford to pay for college or university fees.

Some of the children who fail sometimes cannot handle the pressure and decides to take their own lives. Parents, relatives and community members must desist from victimizing children who fail to pass their Matric and instead must provide support and guidance so that next year these children can succeed against all odds. Children must know that they have our support in their endeavors at all times even when their success is delayed by failure. Failure is not a defeat but merely a delay.

The working class must resist the temptation to engage in unnecessary shopping sprees and overspending as this only makes them poorer. We must make savings for our needs and those of our children during the early months of the New Year.

Having said all the above we must therefore all be cautious and caring to survive this highly commercialized season and happily march into the New Year. Mayihlome News wishes all our readers well during the holidays and look forward to your support in the New Year. Thank you for supporting the voice of the poor African working class masses!

Hulisani Mmbara
Chief Editor