Humankind Must Join Hands to Create an Equal Society

The struggle against patriarchy, all exploitative and degrading systems must be taken forward at all times, as part of the struggle to create a just and egalitarian society, not just during the 16 days of activism against women and children abuse. It should also not simply be reduced and deflected to a-men-women affair within social settings because in truth it is another battle front in the struggle against capitalist oppression, exploitation and degradation of humankind.

The abuse of women and children is a manifestation of the inhumane socio-political economic order that we leave in and the struggle against these wicked tendencies is not merely against violence towards women and children in a narrow sense forgetting the structural violence which men and women as human beings are subjected to. Women struggles are part of revolutionary struggles of the poor working class masses and it is a supreme irony that those who license the abuse of women and children profess to be champions of women rights in particular, when in fact the base structure of women and children abuse, as with all other exploitation and oppression of human beings is the obtaining social order of the capitalist state.

It is the work environment, justice system, religious institutions, backward customs and the law in general which perpetuates oppression of women masses under the watch of so called democratic governments. The abuse of women and children would not be possible without the implicit consent and sanction of the social order of the day.

In the Old Society women were made to feel as though they owe their existence to men and to depend on men for survival, somewhat creating a false inferiority and superiority dichotomy between men and women. These irrational stereotypes are still reinforced by biblical stories about creation of men as the main objective of ‘God’. According to this sexist ideology a woman was created as an accessory to men’s basic needs not as a human being in her own right. The existing titles of man and woman is derived from this theory of human creation about how Eva, a ‘wo-man’ was created from the rib of Adam, a man. It is these views which must be challenged by all who aim to create a New Equal Society out of the Old.

The social views that tend to regard women as less capable than men are predominately based on nonsensical religious and cultural believes. As long as we allow these to continue and our children are taught the same oppressive sexist ideologies, our society will remain
patriarchical and abuse of women and their offsprings will go on.

A genuine struggle for emancipation of women and humankind in general must be fought by both men and women against the common capitalist enemy. We should close ranks across sex/gender and rally as one to undermine the enemy’s polarizing agenda as we foster the vision to create an equal society that recognizes the full potential of women. A society in which one’s sex/gender is not an exclusive license to resources, power, prestige and privilege…where there will be equal, peaceful and complimentary coexistence of men and women.

Hulisani Mmbara
Chief Editor