Not 100 days

The ANC government has been in office for 15 years and 100 days or 5575 days. It has been declared a winner in four conservative elections. A year it’s considered a very longtime in politics and 15 years in government is certainly very long indeed. It is no longer credible to suggest anything like “Rome was not built in one day” to justify 15 years of sleeping on the job and licensing neocolonial looting of public resources. The ruling elite have their own share of the loot and the fight amongst them is not about who can serve the people better but about getting access to state resources and influence for self aggrandizement.
Most failing governments stay for 20 years in office before people revolt. If a government has not delivered on fundamentals after 15 years in office, such is a failed government waiting to be overthrown by the people, literally or at the ballot box. The masses will also not wait any longer seeing that massive resources are monopolized to benefit a few while majority suffers.
But others want us to believe there is a ‘new government’, a ‘new administration’ which has so far done well in the first 100 days in office. Accordingly, we must give this ‘new’ government a chance. This is all ANC propaganda, a big lie, fundamentally contradicted by the dire living conditions of our people. Poverty, homelessness, landlessness, rampant corruption and rising militant protests for basics needs of life and living wage by the poor African working class masses tells of an ordeal stretching over 5575 days of ANC government.
The media in general and the so called independent analysts are also embedded on peddling this lie. These institutions are of course prone to sing the song of any government, in particular one that is not an agent of change…one that will preserve and protect the status quo. Remember that our mainstream media, dominant academic institutions and think tanks produce ideas for consolidation of ruling class ideology. When settler colonialists with vested neo-colonial interests, give accolades to a government of victims of settler colonial oppression, exploitation and degradation, something is definitely wrong because the interests of poor African working class masses are deadly and diametrically opposed to those of neo colonialists.
Everybody knows that President Jacob Zuma ran to the US and Britain after he was elected ANC President and posed to take the Presidency of the country, to assure the two neo colonial imperialist countries that the policy direction of South Africa will remain intact. In other words, it will remain neocolonial in service of imperialists to the detriment of the poor African working class masses. Indeed nothing has changed.

Hulisani Mmbara
Chief Editor