Official unveiling of the e.TV Mischief

When e-TV was launched many expected the channel to provide viewers with the necessary balance in news broadcast, to project the other side of the political and ideological divide of the SABC which is ANC biased. The country needed an independent media to counter state propaganda but this media also had to be progressive to ensure that the revolutionary agenda of the liberation movement is not subdued.

There were promising signs when Joe Thloloe, a son of Africa with vast experience in print and broadcast journalism spanning over 40 years, was Editor-in-Chief until he was elbowed by one Debra Patta. Since then e-TV became the audacious mouthpiece of white supremacists and purveyors of African pessimism. It took over the former role of the SABC during the days of settler colonial apartheid regime. e-TV has many bedfellows in this crusade including Radio 702, with John Robbie in the driving seat. These are the purveyors of white supremacist world view.

Let’s look at the current debacle, in which e-TV advertised gun-wielding bandits, threatening to unleash pure criminal violence during the upcoming 2010 Soccer World Cup, to give it a proper context. It will be remembered that the nonsensical basis of the theory and practice of white supremacy is that all those who are not so called white are subhuman, have no intelligence, cannot be trusted, are not worthy of humane treatment, are a species worse than animals who do not deserve anything good and are only capable of doing everything bad and nothing good.

When this country won the bid to host the 2010 Soccer World Cup they said the country does not have the necessary facilities, the stadiums will not be completed before the tournament, the general infrastructure like transport will not cope, that there is too much crime and all sorts of nonsense. And what happened, the stadiums were completed way in advance of the tournament and there is no evidence of too much crime so, clutching at straws, now they want to create a panic situation to instill fear by projecting this country as full of furious criminals.

They refuse to reveal the interviewed criminals under the guise of journalistic ethic to protect identity of their sources. A source is someone who in this case has given information about the criminal designs of these bandits not the bandits themselves. So these professed criminals are not entitled to the kind of protection that e-TV ‘thinks’ they should be afforded. It is e-TV and friends-in-racism who have been complaining about too much crime in the country and in particular raising concerns of the safety of those who will visit the country for the Soccer World Cup. How they suddenly lost their crime-busting instincts, in this case, is a question we must investigate and expose.

They do not want the Soccer World Cup, the biggest international sporting tournament, to come to a country which has rejected white supremacy, even speculating that it could be relocated to another country, obvious a so called white country. Now that they have failed and the tournament is around the corner, they want to spoil the mood and scare soccer lovers away so that after the tournament they will compare attendance with the previous tournaments and charge that it was poor so that they can justify their theory of white supremacy.

It must also be understood that the criticism and skepticism towards the Soccer World Cup is a racist arrow aimed at the soccer loving African community. It will be remembered that other sporting codes like Rugby which do not invoke more passion, emotion and following within the majority African community, hosted a world cup and these purveyors of white supremacy never raised a single criticism about the socio-environment in which the event took place.

Nothing has changed between the time of the Rugby World Cup and 2010 but if you listen to them is as if the Rugby World Cup took place in country X and the 2010 Soccer World Cup will take place in country Y. e-TV and friends-in-racism must be exposed for their mischief. It’s all about perpetuating white minority racist agenda, from neo-Nazi apartheid days, against the African majority.

Hulisani Mmbara
Chief Editor