Protect the poor against economic recession

The recent confirmation that South Africa has reached a stage of recession is bad news for the poor African working class masses as the capitalist system will use recession as an excuse to unleash their onslaught on the poor working class masses even more than they currently do. Already this state of economic affairs is being used to bar wage talks while company executives and senior government technocrats continue to pocket fat salaries far beyond basic human needs. The gap between the salaries of company executives and the ordinary workers who produce goods and render services that yields profits for companies and  the state is grossly obscene.

Despite its catastrophic failures capitalism has been hailed by its priests as the omnipotent panacea for all human problems. This global recession caused by the USA is confirmation of the shaky foundation of the capitalist system and proof that an economy cannot be sustained by a theory and practice of greed of the few and exploitation of majority by a tiny minority. The exploited and deprived majority will rise and destroy this unjust, unequal and unsustainable social order.

The interest rate must be reduced substantially and VAT must be removed from daily basic food stuffs to ensure that the poor do not drown during this difficult time. The state has an obligation to protect the poor against this disaster of capitalism! We must also stand firm and reject Eskom’s plan to introduce the proposed 34% tariff increases. This will hurt the poor working class masses in our townships, villages and urban centers. Poor people must not pay for the negligence and laziness of the government to intervene many years ago when they were warned of the inadequacy of the infrastructure.

Electricity, water, housing and sanitation are fundamental human rights to which we are all entitled to and the state must ensure everybody has access to these basic services.

The unemployed will be kept in the fringes of the economic mainstream for much longer as the economy will not be able to generate employment opportunities. Already the rate of unemployment is too high in this country. The right to work must be accorded and enjoyed by all adult citizens so that they can live fulfilling lives while contributing to the well being of society as a whole.

This state of economic affairs across the Globe must be used correctly to advance the working class struggle and expose capitalism whilst it is at its most vulnerable position.

Hulisani Mmbara
Chief Editor