The 2010 Challenge

The year 2009 has seen continued deprivation, degradation, exploitation and massive job losses amongst the poor working class masses. We witnessed continued genocide of oppressed people in various parts of the world by white supremacist US regime and its allies. HIV/AIDS also claimed more lives on the African soil.

Neocolonialism maintains its foothold on Africa and perpetuates division amongst the poor African working class masses, landlessness, hunger, unemployment and underdevelopment while looting Africa’s resources with the help of the African petty bourgeois.

The year 2010, for revolutionaries, must be a year to make a difference first and foremost in their own resolve and commitment to the working class struggle and secondly in the living conditions of the poor and the working class. It must be a year for the oppressed, exploited and degraded masses to stand up and fight for their rights and interests hence we must strengthen organizations of the working class masses across the world, in all sectors of life and create one centre of command for the working class struggle.

It must be a year for African Unity. It must be a year for poor African working class masses to rally, unite and build a single United Africa under a socialist order. This will be a giant leap forward in the fight against capitalism and imperialism.

On the international scale: China, India, Latin America, Middle Eastern Countries, Caribbean Island, Africa and other progressive regions must come together to form an alternative to the West and lay a foundation for an equal, just and caring Society.

The United Nations (UN) must also be overhauled to reflect equality amongst all nations of the world. It can only play an effective role if it becomes democratic and shuns dictatorship by a few ‘powerful’ countries. Then the genocide in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan and the proxy imperialist wars in Africa such as the one in the DRC can eventually be resolved.

The progressive scientific establishment must also break new grounds in the fight against the deadly HIV/AIDS. While we must all take reasonable precautions to avoid new infections and the spread of the virus, the only real defeat against HIV/AIDS lies in the cure against the HI virus.

There have been many social-economic and political challenges in 2009, apart from this account and there will mount in 2010. Our responsibilities as revolutionaries is to counter these challenges to ensure that humankind is more productive, prosperous, lives in peace, harmony and happiness in an equal society.

Hulisani Mmbara
Chief Editor