This year we have decided to join the frenzy and do something meaningful for the 2015 Mandela Day, the 18th July. It would be nice to do something for the full 67 Minutes for Mandela but i am sure most of our readers will find that in 67 seconds, what we seek to do can be achieved. And it will be much more meaningful if you, our dear readers, could join in.

So to all our readers, comrades, friends and fellows; accept our invitation to join us as we embark on a good deed for Mandela. To all who know that reconciliation without justice is a crime and amounts to defeating the ends of justice, To all who know that some of the true liberators of our country still languish in the prisons of the ANC government and poverty. To all who dare forget that apartheid was and is declared a crime against humanity; and no one who fights it should be condemned. To all who know that we are not fully liberated until the day we are all free.

Sons and daughters of the soil, we are not calling you to run to the ICC and lay charges against De klerk , his kith and kin, whose hands are dripping with blood of innocent black africans who were butchered for seeking what is rightfully theirs. No, Ubuntu is part of our Afrikanness and we dare not betray it. And we are not calling on the victims of apartheid and their descendants to rise and seek the justice that our dear hero ensured they never got. No comrades, thats not what we call for.

What we call for, is for you to spare a moment and remember that some of the APLA cadres still languish in democratic prisons for their fight against apartheid. And if like us you can spare 67 seconds i am sure you can successfully sign the petition on the link below; a petition for the release of APLA cadres.

Our weekly “Current Affairs” editorial which we discontinued many moons ago is back as we recommit ourselves to the struggle of the African workers and the poor massess, who are yet to taste the fruits of Democracy, a struggle for a classless society. We commit to offer a pan-Africanist perspective to developments in Azania and Africa in general.

And if, more than 20 years into democracy, you still cant afford a buffalo, don’t worry you are not alone. Aluta!