The ruling elite is interested in personal wealth accumulation.

There is widespread outcry over the spending of South African government ministers on luxury cars while there is so much poverty, rising massive unemployment and low revenue collection. This obnoxious culture of materialism and consumerism is prevalent amongst the ruling class in all government authorities, spheres and agencies. This class treats government institutions, its people and fiscal resources as though they are dealing with personal property resulting in rampant abuse of power and astronomic corruption.

Crass materialism is not the only vice of the ruling elite. The entire conduct of the ruling class, which focuses on personal accumulation of wealth by all means necessary, in the shortest possible space of time (in case they are removed from office prematurely) is appalling. In the first place the objectives of this class, from the word go, when it campaigns for state power, is to curve own path to economic resources.

If we go back to the national liberation struggle against colonialism, this class set out to overthrow the foreign invader to gain access to economic resources which were an exclusive preserve of the colonizer in the ‘pre-independence’ era. The real reason why this class participated in the struggle against colonialism is because it wanted a share of the economic loot. This class either forms a ‘national’ or ‘mass’ party or joins one to advance its class interests and use nationalism to con the masses into their selfish adventure.

In the end the opportunistic class settles for the economic crumbs, and in the main, access to state resources which are meant to provide basic services to the people. This class has no contradiction with the oppressive, exploitative and degrading capitalist system of ‘pre-independence’ era hence they leave it intact once they gain political power. They simply clamor for their own stake and the public purse becomes easy target.

Instead of serving the people and using state power and resources to provide for the developmental and economic needs of the people, this class concentrates on how best to use their position to steal money from the public purse and also to gain financial favours from the private sector in exchange of lucrative government tenders.

This class must be exposed and fought against because it is not only looting our resources but used to obstruct and delay the socialist revolution to the detriment of the poor African working class masses.

Hulisani Mmbara
Chief Editor