The Zuma moral code

In the wake of President Jacob Zuma’s call for a moral dialogue, we chronicle his moral credentials:

  • My culture is not your culture;
  • My morals are not your morals;
  • Live beyond your means;
  • Make your friends pay your bills;
  • Befriend conman who lie about their academic qualifications;
  • Chair the National Aids Council and have multiple sexual partners;
  • Knowingly sleep with someone HIV positive without a condom;
  • Chair the Moral Regeneration Campaign and be implicated in corruption with a convicted fraudster;
  • Sleep with some of your friends daughters;
  • Sing liberation songs to score personal points against your opponents;
  • Use your friends to help you climb to the top of the political ladder and dump them afterwards;
  • Demand that criminal charges against you be dropped without trial;
  • Fight prosecutors until they drop criminal charges against you for invalid reasons;
  • Pretend to care for the poor until they vote you president of the country;
  • Be intolerant towards the media and blame them for negative publicity over your dishonorable behavior;
  • Be a womanizer and convert to polygamy by marrying each and every woman in your web of extramarital affairs;
  • Become president of a country and marry more than one spouse to burden the national budget;
  • Tell everyone what they want to hear and not the truth;
  • Have a thin-skin and always apologize when you are under fire; and
  • Pretend to be interested in good morals in the hope that people will forget your scandals.
Hulisani Mmbara
Chief Editor