Awarding of Tenders to Cassel Mathale’s “Cabal” in Limpopo must be investigated

The Pan Africanist Youth Congress (PAYCO) of Azania calls for the HAWKS, Public Protector and Auditor-General to launch a forensic investigation to allegations of unfair awarding of tenders in Limpopo’s Government Departments and Municipalities to those loyal to Premier Cassel Mathale’s cabals. Affected and prejudiced small business people in Limpopo, after the Julius Malema bourgeoisie lifestyle saga. It is in the spirit of transparency, openness, and in pursuit of clean and corrupt free government that the allegations made requires to be investigated and outcomes made public.


We have noticed a widespread trend that all Mathale’s loyalist are having booming business ventures through government tenders whilst fulltime small business people are finding it impossible to get tenders from government departments and municipalities. The majority of young people who were told to start businesses by politicians and government officials are to this day struggling to acquire a mere R 2000 tender from government departments and municipalities, whilst ANCYL leaders, their girlfriends and relatives are exploiting all opportunities and becoming fly-by-night millionaires.

What is even more surprising and depressing with the new trend of Tenderpreneneurship is that they don’t struggle to get payment after the awarding of contracts, whilst the contrary is true to many small business people who struggle for months and sometimes years to get payment for work done for government and municipalities. We have witnessed many businesses and entrepreneurs going under due to government’s failure to pay on time. The Malema’s of this world have not experienced these difficulties as they are politically connected. We call for the investigation of this unfair conduct and tough actions to be taken to stop it completely.

We are planning a march to ANC Headquarters and Premier Mathale’s Offices which will involve youth and small business people who have been victims of ANC empty promises and Malema’s lies. We cannot rest on our laurels anymore when capitalist and their running dogs are having a filled day at the expense of the poor and the working class.

Issued by PAYCO
Kwame Ndebele


072 068 2881