Cheers to Freedom!!

The “Rainbow Nation” opium is slowly waning off and people have started to ask serious questions about the role played by the ANC and Nelson Mandela. They have begun to unmask the holy cow which for a little more than two decades tried to convince us that it liberated us, white washing the history of the liberations movements and the role of stalwarts such as Robert Sobukwe, Nyathi Pokela and Zeph Mothopeng. People have started to look into the eyes of the wickedness which is the ruling party; they want justice for Andries Tatane, Mambush Noki and the Marikana Miners. In short, they have started to see the ANC for what it is, a fraud that has been standing guard at the gates of white monopoly capital ensuring that the economic status quo of African masses remain the same. We are beginning to see a revolt, even from the ANC rank and file members, who refused to be disrespected by Zuma at the Manifesto Launch in Port Elizabeth. They are starting to ask difficult questions, not only of the person of the President but also of the character of the ANC.

With the unemployment and poverty of the past 22 years seemingly increasing by the day, we have nothing but the neo-liberal policies of the ANC to blame. The ANC manufactured the poverty and unemployment that we witness in villages and townships, and in cities alike. The ANC is the reason why Africans remain landless even after the so called “freedom” of 1994. Those who entrusted the ANC with a vote had given to it the power and muscle required to transform this society but this has not been the case, at least not for Africans. Freedom has meant that they remain in the same conditions that prevailed under apartheid. It’s now a fact that the ANC is simply another police state just like the apartheid regime,  hence the endless murders of service delivery protesters, hence the detention of free education protesters and anti-rape protesters. The ANC has nailed its true colours on the mast and despite its robust propaganda machinery it is failing to quell the inquisitive minds of Africans, who are now asking if they are even free at all, given the state in which they exist.

Cheers then to Freedom, not because we are free and not because we have seen the glimpse of freedom. Cheers to Freedom, simply because we now know that we can be free. Masses of our people know that freedom is within their reach and have risen to demand it in one form or another. They are rising in Zandspruit. They are rising in many parts of the country, demanding and occupying their land like they did in Bredell. And as has become the norm, as it was for the minority government of the past, the ANC has and is responding violently with its police forces and the military. It is only natural that sooner or later – the people will defend themselves. Soon the bullets of the State will be met with revolutionary bullets of the masses. The assertion that rural masses are ignorant and are hell bent on continuing to vote for the “ANC until Jesus comes back” will soon prove to be false, as they will start rising from the midlands mountains of KZN and the villages of Limpopo. The true revolution of the future will find expression not in boardrooms and coffee tables of leafy suburbs of Rivonia but in the streets of Alexander, Diepsloot, Vuwani , Zandspruit and many other villages and townships that are rising every day. History will one day tell that during CODESA while some negotiated our people continued to get killed by the De Klerk government. So having withstood such fearful odds, our masses are always ready to die for their freedom, the land of their fathers and economic freedom, as we have witnessed in Marikana.