The killing of Eugene Terrenblanche, leader of the AWB, signifies the extent of frustrations of our people working in farms, particularly the youth who have been witnessing the exploitation and degradation of their parents at the hands of racist white farmers. The brutal murder of the archaic white “supremacist” Terrenblanche serves as a warning to white racists that their time is up. Shape up or ship out!

Murdered Right-wing Leader Eugene Terreblanche

It is a matter of fact that Eugene Terreblanche was a symbol of white domination, exploitation, oppression and degradation of the African farm workers. Terreblanche has caused untold and unforgivable harm and pain to many African farm workers who use to work for him and those who continued to do so. Terreblanche was an unrepented racist who regarded African people as sub-humans who deserve nothing but slave for so called white people. He was notorious for physically assaulting farm workers, setting dogs to blacks, promoting murdering of farm workers and not paying African workers despite making maximum profits from their sweat and blood.

We call upon white settler farmers to take an initiative in correcting past imbalances by returning the stolen land to its rightful owners, African people, and improve the plight of the rural farm workers by sharing profits with them. It is our firm view that true justice and reconciliation can only be achieved if the racist socio-economic imbalances are fully redressed.

White farmers must use the death of Eugene Terreblanche as an opportunity to repent and share their abundance of wealth with the poor African farm workers or risk the same fate suffered by Terreblanche. To use Terreblanche’s death to rekindle Afrikaner racism will only make things worse for them.

We call upon rural farm workers to stand up and defend themselves against racists and oppressors like Terreblanche.

Last but not least we salute the two young men who were forced to go to the extremes to defend their hard earned wages.

Issued by the Pan Africanist Youth Congress (PAYCO) of Azania
Kwame Ndebele
072 0682 881