Compañeras and Compañeros:

We are nearing the end of the Congress, after intense days in which the Cuban Communists have debated and approved the guidelines of the economic policy and Social of the party and the revolution, the Central report and different resolutions on the main issues analyzed.

I believe that the more dignified and at the same time productive way of commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the victory over the mercenary invasion at Playa Girón, a day like today, on April 19, 1961, is to have just made a magnificent Party Congress meeting which ends after just over five months of the start of discussions on the guidelines, process of profound democratic and transparent character whose undisputed role assumed it the people under the leadership of the party.

Wish, on behalf of the nearly 800 thousand militant Communists, of the thousand delegates to the Congress, the new direction of our Organization and in particular, comrade Fidel Castro Ruz, to congratulate all the Cuban and Cubans for their decisive role in the debate and the clear demonstration of support for the revolution which is for us a source of satisfaction and most importantly, responsibility and commitment above to achieve, with the support of all, the update of the economic model in order to ensure the irreversible nature of socialism in Cuba.

Already expressed in the Central report that not us we used to do illusions that the guidelines and measures them associated, by themselves, be the solution to all existing problems. To achieve success in this strategic issue and others, need to immediately focus on enforcing the agreements of this Congress, under a common denominator in our conduct: order, discipline and the demand.

The update of the economic model is not a miracle that can act in the night, as some people think; their total deployment will be gradually achieved in the course of the five-year period, as much is the job of detail, planning and coordination, both in law and in the thorough preparation of all those involved in its practical implementation.

It will also be necessary to develop an intense work of dissemination to the population on each measure that we are taking and at the same time, keep the feet and ears well tuned and glued to the ground, in order to overcome the obstacles that we find and quickly rectify bugs that let us make your application.

We are convinced that the main enemy that we face and we will face will be our own shortcomings and that therefore a task of such dimension for the future of the nation, there shall be no improvisations or a presuramientos. We do not give up to make the changes necessary, as indicated us Fidel in its reflection of yesterday, which we take to the pace that circumstances demand objective and always with the support and understanding of citizenship, without ever putting at risk our it weapon more powerful the unity of the nation around the revolution and its programs.

Without the least desire to chauvinism, I think that Cuba is among the small number of countries worldwide which have conditions to transform its economic model and out of the crisis without social trauma because, first of all, we have a patriotic town that is known powerful force that represents its monolithic unity, the fairness of their cause and military preparation, with high education and proud of its history and revolutionary roots.

We will move forward decisively despite the American blockade and the adverse conditions prevailing in the international market, expressed, inter alia, in the restrictions for Cuba access to sources of financing and the spiral of prices of oil that you drag to the rest of the raw materials and food; In short, becomes more expensive everything acquired abroad.

A few months beginning 2011 and according to very recent data, already amounts to more than 800 million dollars the additional cost of imports for the year, only by the increase of prices, to acquire the same planned amounts which will force us as soon as the end of the Congress to make adjustments to the plan adopted last December.

Currently saving resources of all kinds continues to be one of the sources of income of the country, because there are still vast reserves of efficiency that we must exploit with much common sense and political sensitivity and irrational expenses.

Although the acceptable behavior obtained so far in the delivery of undeveloped land in usufruct, under the provisions of Decree-Law No. 259 of 2008, still persist thousands and thousands of hectares of arable waiting for arms ready to extract the fruit as demanded by the population and the national economy and that we can reap in our fields to replace the increasingly expensive imports many products, benefiting today providing foreigners, rather than to our farmers.

The first thing we must do is to fulfill what we have just adopted in this event and is therefore not haphazard decision that the Central Committee reviews in its full, at least twice a year, how Congress agreements are met in particular the progress of the update of the economic model and the implementation of the plan of the economy.

In this regard, I must highlight the importance of the task assigned to the Permanent Commission of the Government for the implementation and development, which will harmoniously lead the efforts and actions of agencies and national entities involved in the update of the economic model with the support in particular, of the Ministry of economy and planning, which is the largest state of the Government for this activity of national affairs.

On the other hand, our members have more work ahead, as the guidelines approved by the Congress will be subject to the analysis of the National Assembly of people’s power, for its ratification legislation in successive sessions, as we are completing the preparation of the relevant legal regulations.

As you heard, the Congress agreed to convene for the 28 of January of next year, date which marks the 159 anniversary of the birth of José Martí, the National Conference, which in practice will be a continuation of the 6th Congress dedicated to value the work of the party with realism and critical spirit and also specify the transformations required to exercise the role of superior leading force of society and the State under article 5 of the Constitution of the Republic. Also agreed to give powers to this Conference to update the methods and style of work, structures and tables policy, including expanding and renewing the Central Committee.

As expressed in his call, the National Conference will be chaired by the determination of “change everything that should be changed” contained in the brilliant definition of revolution of the companion Fidel.

To be successful, the first thing we need to change in the life of the party is the mentality, which as a psychological barrier, according to my opinion, is that more work will take us to overcome being tied up for long years the same dogmas and obsolete criteria. It will also be essential to rectify errors and form, on the basis of rationality and firmness of principles, an integral vision of the future for the sake of the preservation and development of socialism in the present circumstances.

Policy of pictures, with the election of the new Central Committee, its secretariat and the political Bureau, presented on the morning of today, we have taken a first step to complete what we agreed at the Congress, especially in what refers to begin a gradual process of renewal and rejuvenation of the chain of political office State and, at the time that was improved, substantially, the racial composition and gender.

Central Committee was made up of 115 members, of whom 48 are women, 41.7 per cent, what most three times the proportion in the previous Congress, which was of the 13.3 per cent. Blacks and mestizos are 36, growing by 10 percent its representation, which now amounts to the 31.3 per cent.

This result, which I repeat is a first step; it is not the fruit of improvisation. The party, for several months, had been working with depth in this direction in order to make an application to take into account the need for fair proportions of gender and race in the membership of the Central Committee.

They were selected from the giant pool of university graduates and specialists qualified, the revolution lost no time in forming. They are the children of the working class, that emerged from the most humble bowels of the people, with an active political life in student organizations, the UJC and the party; young people who mostly have more than 10, 15 or 20 years of experience at the base, while working in the professions that they studied, and almost all were proposed by the nuclei where campaign, as part of the process of preparation of the Congress.

Is up to us in future follow-up and continue their training to prepare them in the interest of which progressively, with their work, they can take greater responsibilities.

In the integration of the higher bodies of the party, despite the departure of the Central Committee of 59 members, half of its actual members, most of them with a positive sheet of services to the revolution; We just kept several veterans of the historic generation and it is logical to do so, as one of the consequences of the committed shortcomings in this area, criticized in the Central report, that they have prevented us from count today with the reserve of mature substitutes and enough experience to take up the baton in the main offices of the country.

Therefore we will continue taking similar measures towards this decisive during the upcoming National Party Conference and in the daily life of our party, Government and State work.

The companion Fidel Castro Ruz, founder and Commander in Chief of the Cuban revolution, gave us the first example of consistent attitude in this matter, to request expressly not be included in the nomination of the Central Committee.

Fidel is Fidel and does not require any charge to take forever, a top place in history, the present and the future of the Cuban nation. Long as the forces to do so, and fortunately is in the fullness of his thinking soldier and politician, from its modest status as member of the Party of ideas, will continue contributing to the revolutionary struggle and purposes most noble of humanity.

So for me, I assume my last task, with firm conviction and commitment to honor that the first Secretary of the Committee Central of the Communist Party of Cuba has as main mission and sense of his life: defend to preserve and continue perfecting socialism and not ever allow the return of the capitalist regime.

The Politburo, as you can see, reflects an adequate proportion of main leaders of the revolutionary armed forces. It is natural that is the case, which basis quoting the words of comrade Fidel in the Central report on the first Party Congress:

“The rebel army was the soul of the revolution.” Their victorious arms emerged free, beautiful, powerful and invincible the homeland new When the folks our army, heir to turn of heroism and patriotic purity of the Liberator army and victorious continuator of his struggles, deposited in their hands the flags of the revolution and was from that moment and forever its more faithful”, disciplined, humble and unshakeable follower”. End of quote.

I have more than enough reason to proclaim that the revolutionary armed forces, of which have the pride had been Minister for almost 49 years, never rolling to fulfill that role in the service of the defense of the people, the Party of the revolution and socialism.

The status of Member of the Central Committee, although in part had so far been a recognition of the path of struggle of the elect, which was fair, from this moment should dominate the concept that in essence. This category represents an enormous responsibility to the party and the people, since between Congress and the Congress, the Central Committee is the superior body of partisan direction and correspond, according to the statutes, broad powers in control of the implementation of the established policy and programmes of economic and social development of the country as well as in politics of paintings and the ideological work, among others.

In line with this, is required to raise the preparation and improvement constant members that we intend to actively use the Central Committee in the realization of agreements of the Congress, as a forum to discuss collegiate manner, without a hint of formalism the main themes of the life of the party and the nation.

The same will do in the Politburo, as it is up, as the superior body of direction among the plenary of the Central Committee.

The Politburo is composed of 15 members, reduced compared to the previous one of 24 members, which in practice proved excessive amount. He entered three new partners: Mercedes López Acea, first Secretary of the Provincial of the Party Committee in Havana; Marino Murillo Jorge, Vice-President of the Council of Ministers and head of the Permanent Commission of the Government for Adel Yzquierdo Rodríguez, who was recently appointed Minister of economy and planning, implementation and development.

These promotions are not casual, in the first case relates to the priority which the party attaches to its work in the capital, more than two million inhabitants and the remaining companions, responds to the strategic significance of the update of the economic model and the development of the national economy.

We will keep the useful practice of meeting set, every week, to the Committee of the Politburo with the Executive Committee of the Council of Ministers, to assess the key issues of developments in national, at the same time we will continue promoting participation in the monthly of the Council of Ministers sessions. According to the topics to be discussed, and as a guest, Member of the Politburo and the Secretariat of the Central Committee, the Council of State and President of the National Assembly; tables Center of the Confederation of workers of Cuba (CTC), other mass organizations and the UJC, as the first Secretaries of the provincial party committees and the Chairmen of the boards of the Provincial Administration.

This method has proven its effectiveness to convey, without intermediaries, the main leaders from across the country, essential information and directions for the discharge of their responsibilities.

Finally, none of us aware of the historical importance that was for the fate of the revolution the crushing defeat to the mercenary invasion of Playa Girón, as a result of the strong, relentless and resolute action of our fighters, under the direct command of the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, who stayed all the time in the theatre of operations where possible the combative actions, ripped apart, in less than 72 hours, the attempt of the Government of the United States of creating a beachhead in a section corner of the country to which they intended to move later, from a military base in Florida, a Government puppet requested the Organization of American States, the infamous OAS, the military intervention of American forces, located in the close waters, accompanying the contingent mercenary since his departure from Central American coasts as they had already in Guatemala in 1954 seven years earlier, to bring down the progressive Government of Jacobo Arbenz.

Serve as the occasion to repeat the words of Fidel on the tenth anniversary of the victory, on April 19, 1976, when he said: “From Girón all peoples of the Americas were a little more free” end of quote.

In Girón for the first time the weapons supplied by the then Soviet Union a few months earlier, without have barely been able to completely assimilate was employed in defense of socialism in Cuba. Just, a day like today, is recognizing that without the help of the peoples that made up the vast country, especially the Russian people, the revolution would have able to survive in the early years to the growing and continuous aggression of imperialism and that is why I will be eternally grateful.

Our gratitude, a day like today, to the current socialist countries for its constant cooperation and support in all these years of battles and sacrifices.

Fraternal Nations of the third world, especially those in Latin America and the Caribbean, struggling to transform the legacy of centuries of colonial domination know that they will always be with our solidarity and support.

A warm fraternal greeting to the Communist parties and other progressive forces around the world, fighting relentlessly, starting with the firm conviction that a better world is possible.

I also wish to express the appreciation of the Cuban people to all Governments that, year after year, have called with their vote and with his voice, in the United Nations, the cessation of the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the United States to Cuba.

Finally, comes our thanks to all those who in one way or another participated in the successful organization and assurance of this Congress.

I think that there is no better way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the victory day in Playa Girón, who closed this historic Party Congress with the symbolism that encloses the “Elegy of los Zapaticos whites” of the Indio Naborí, declamada vibrantly by actor George Ryan and the excited words of Nemesia, the coal girl he saw die helpless to his mother and wounds produced his grandmother and two brothers by the murderous action of aircraft painted with the Cuban badges and whose white shoes, drilled by shrapnel enemy, are set out in the Bay of pigs Museumas material proof that the revolution remains victorious 50 years later, paying him honour their fallen.

Thanks a lot.

By Raul Castro
(19 April 2011)

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