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Is this a revolution?

Aljazeera, CNN, BBC, Reuters, France 24 and other media agencies referred to Egyptian protest action as a revolution. Broadcast programming was thrown out of the window. Motion cameras rolled and got affixed permanently on Cairo’s Tahrir Square to capture historic moment, as the world’s eyes were glued on televised revolution.

Interestingly, United Nations and African Union enthusiasm was incomparable to their Ivory Coast reaction. Western governments encouraged protesters to entertain themselves with songs in Tahrir Square. This was because their demands did not threaten economic power relations in Egypt. Class power relations, ethnic stratum and colonial bonds remain intact. Structures of imperialism are terrified to televise unfolding contradictions in Ivory Coast because the people of Ivory Coast are threatening the foundation of imperial interests hence Sarkozy is spitting fire. Ban Ki-moon will not talk orderly transition but war in Ivory Coast contrary to his peace mandate.

Protesters in Egypt were merely demanding slave wage jobs and minor constitutional reforms. They were seeking removal of the individual, Hosni Mubarak. They did not want to uproot the institutional foundations of their oppression. They accepted Mubarak’s right hand man and his former head of intelligence, Omar Suleiman. Suleiman held daily telephonic conference with Zionists state agencies. Protesters naively called for American trained and commanded military to supervise Suleiman. The military immediately affirmed the status quo by instructing the previous cabinet to do its work.

The Zionist and American securocrats have long anticipated revolution in Western Asia and North Africa hence the appetite to attack Iran. Securocrats saw Iran as big brother of Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas hence part of the so called “axis of evil”. Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Iranian agenda is dangerous to Zionism and American interest. Televising the protest on minute by minute was tactically intended to take a wind out of agenda driven leadership by romanticizing American trusted military.

American parrot UN did not disappoint by repeating Obama’s orderly transition statement on Egypt. Orderly transition means there should be no demand for self-determination. Ban Ki-moon then called for military action against the people of Ivory Coast. UN sanctioned military action, France supervised financial sabotage and EU driven economic restrictions are designed to suppress people’s demand for right to self-determination. Egypt saw protest action and Ivory Coast is seeing defiance action. The defiant Ivory Coast can only measure its revolutionary success through its ability to declare its sovereignty.

Sovereignty is exercising social, economic and political control. People of Ivory Coast have no control. Control of Ivory Coast is held by France through colonial pact. Colonial pact gives France right to determine monetary policy, authority to invest 85% of country’s revenue as its own treasury money, first right of refusal on Ivory Coast’s mineral resources to French companies and ring-fencing of Government contract for French companies. France is even clandestinely deciding on Ivory Coast political leadership.

People of Ivory Coast are determined to set themselves free of French imperialism, which is the mentality that got Thomas Sankara killed by France and Blaise Compaore. The siege on Golf Hotel, seizure of branch of reserve bank, nationalization of four imperialist bank infrastructures and action against Western diplomats are evidence of that determination.

Revolution is fundamental change. There is fundamental change in Ivory Coast while the status quo remains in Egypt and Tunisia. Real revolution will not be instantaneous neither will it be televised.

By Sbusiso Xaba

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  1. Izwe Lethu

    Mafrica why are all your events are only taking place in Pretoria not in Johannesburg because I think there are also other africans who would like to attend your events

  2. True, events must be spread throught the whole country, targeting region by region, but for now Tshwane will host June 16. Last year it was in Phiri Hall, Soweto. In 2007 it was in Jabulani Amphitheatre, Soweto.




    1. Thanks Ras Menelik Azania.

      Note that this forum is not for Gauteng Area only. As it is efforts are being made so that we can get contributions from other regions and Africanists at larger.

      If you feel you can contribute news stories and articles that may be regional please contact Mayihlome News on or use the contact details on the ABout Us page.

  4. It is time to make the practioners of racism pay for their crimes. The time for reconciliation is past. No one should tolerate this kind of behavior. We need to march into that racisr university and reclaim our dignity. Izwe Tlethu!!

    1. MuAfrica we are on Facebook. You can find us by searching for a group called Mayihlome News. Or find the link in the resources page.

      Izwe Lethu!

  5. SONS keep it up ,its seems is a crime to be part of these liberal era in Azania,whilst it was a compromise we reach in 1993 Pac conference but the struggle continues as long land is not return to its rightful owners.The masses still brainwash by this chaterist media sabc.Lets continue until each and every squere inch of our land is free and we remove imperialist running dogs anc. IZWE LETHU I-AFRICA

  6. The sweat we put on training ,we make sure minimum demage to us.The up coming convention will deal with many issues including the virus ,that is destroying leaders “corruption”.Pac is for future so when we elect a leadership ,we do not mean one must own it as a boss or farm.I hope we will rectify the Qwaqwa mistake .Aluta continua

  7. We as Pan Africanist we must move from Cape to Cairo start in Zim to clean the grave yard of our fallen Apla cadres.To interact with our Zanu pf comrades in way of solving problems facing us in Azania and look at ways of understanding each other.Payco must lead the way as energetic youth to facilitate the first aim of PAC to rally and unite the african people under banner of african nationalism so we must practice what we preach.Izwe lethu

  8. Sons and daughters of the soil Pac is our house it still need us to fix it.No individual can break our detimination we live and sleep Pac in our graveside Pac will be mention and in Heaven questions; why we allow the perpetuation of oppresion of downtrodden masses?.The question of MSIZI DUBE is still stand”Until when all the nations trampled over us Africans”.The senior elders made clarion call to re-engage our energies in fighting unjust system and corret mistake and ideas.Africanist convention made clear in terms of way forward ,what is to be done for the future and livehood of Pac.Izwe lethu! I-Africa!

  9. I hope our masses will understand that no amount of lies,will change our material conditions in Azania. Pac is a vehicle for total liberation and returning of land.

    The gospel we must preach to our children and geration to come Pac we remain relevant as long our aspiration are not met.

    Zulu boy JZ ZUMA lied to the nation about jobs million times but today he said “South Africa will lose more jobs”.


    1. Black Economic Empowerment, Basic Black Economic Empowerment, Affirmative Action and Employment Equity – are perspectives of reparation or righting wrongs. Each exists ‘cos of betrayal by the preceding one.USA failed policy,here Canada failed policy, RSA failed policy. Think of the Human Rights Commission, it’s not a hrc but a civil rights commission.HRC is futile since it assumes legitimacy of colonial relations. International law assumed colonization of 3rd world in its 1948 declaration of universal human rights.

  10. Sons and daughters of the soil as from tomorrow that is Friday 01 -01 -10 we will be remembering 50 years of Sharpville/Langa settler colonial brutality kiliing of our brothers and sisters .As from tomorrow until 21 March 2010 light a candle each day and do something for downtrodden masses in your community .Educate young children about this important year 21 March 1960,visit schools share some info with social science educators and visit libraries also ask for notice board display in public libraries.Our struggle will never end until we are total liberated as of now is not yet uhuru!ALUTA CONTINUA

  11. Its tragedy we start 2010 with a loss of ex Apla cadre in less than 5 weeks ago, it was Gags now is Patso in western cape ,funeral will be held this coming Sunday 10-01-10 .He is part of 1976 Mothopeng battalion with massive numbers in Bakamoyo Dar. TZ .He came back inside the country and serve P AC WELL IN SECURITY STRUCTURE OF THE movement , he integrated and join NIA ,he serve until he passed away on 3 JAN 10 . PAC and Azanian masses lost a cadre .May his soul rest in peace .ALUTA CONTINUA

  12. Paso preamble state it clear the kind of education we are getting “is not accidentaly is design to produce a cheap capitalist labour force”.Azanians are complaining about poor pass rate , the question still stand what about system of education and also the laungage is being taught to African child,The Japanise,Chines ,Koreans are better than us ?the answer is simply No.As human beings we are all equal in front of the Lord but ours still remain neo-colonial set up until we liberate Azania with sincere and honest not this BEE thugs lumpen gangs.ALUTA CONTINUA

  13. Ourcountry is been govern by thugs involving themselves in all tender deals the issue of eskom ,anc is involve as the party also as the state gets sum huge of tax.Indeed we have wolf in sheepskin killing our people at night and at day are peacemakers.In education it was just reaction noise otherwise nothing is happening in schools come 2011 ,cheap political points ,blaming poor teachers ,who are still underpaid.

    One fellow Africanist said situation in Azania need volunteers to wage armed struggle to hit vital targets other than that we will lament until Son of man come to earth again ,Apla cadres are rotting and dying in jail.We need to educate the young ones and open space for militia to operate.Izwe!

  14. February is a Sobukwe month lets remember our fallen hero and great leaders ,who follow him and join gigantic Pac wage struggle against colonialist regime.Mama Sobukwe words in TRC 1997 she said “Prof live the struggle and died in the struggle” Testimony clear state we must like him sacrifice for the struggle .Ours is to change this neo-colonial settlement and be able to confront imperialist and its running dogs (anc).The poison take the life of our founder and visionary in Azania.LETS LOOK FORWARD TO REALISE SOBUKWES DREAM of a united Africa and return of land to its rightful owners.IZWE LETHU!

  15. Great editorial Mr Editor,
    It speaks directly to the corrupt tendencies of the ANC neo-colonial government. The so called independence is a myth that must be demystified for our people see it for what it is. ANC is the party of corrupt and evil elements who have no love what so ever for the poor “downtrodden masses” as Sobukwe would describe them. You remain the best Editor ever in Azania today, as you unashamedly confront tough issues that affect our people without any fear of the ruling party and its running dogs.

    Phumlani Ndebele
    KwaZulu Natal

  16. uZuma is immoral and lies to our people, these is nothing cultural about his infedility.

    People must just wake up and smell the coffee, this ‘puppet’ of a president is going to give them nothing but a very scandalous presidency.

    Vuka Darkie!

  17. All Afrikanists throughout the Continent and the Diaspora must strive to win this struggle for liberation!!

  18. Sons and daughters we can see 1994 was just reforms similar to Muzerewa type of government ,media and imperialist happy to confuse the African people. It is not yet uhuru ,its high time to face our oppressors with truth and educate the young lions .The revolution is around the corner it needs me and you.IT is better die with bullet than die with “if “instead of taking up arms and face the enemy.African people still the poorerst , whilst our continent richest in the world.OUR wealth continue to pludering by our colonisers

  19. 25 May Africa , is to remember all those who faced the brutality of the imperialist.From days of African colonisation to the days of African slavery.Today we are sitting with continent, with richest resources but still owned by west multinationals and have defacto leadership under neo-colonial agenda.Our forefathers played their role its up to us present generation to fight with more determination .FROM CAPE TO CAIRO ;MORROCO TO MADAGASCAR .IZWE LETHU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I agree wholeheartedly with you Mr Editor, there is nothing called independent media. Media houses and journalist serve the ruling class, this fact is true both to the so called private media and public media. In the case of South Africa it is a known fact that during 1999 and 2004 General elections almost all media houses openly declared their political support for the ANC ruling elite and consciously urged the masses of our people to vote for the ANC, despite and inspite of corrupt tendencies of the ruling party.

    The so called public media(SABC and its radio stations) made it a point that opposition parties were and continue to be denied space to the advantage of the ruling party. Any talk of free media and independent media is nothing but a Big Blue Lie.

  21. Sons media is playing a big role in shaping the mind ofyoung lions whether u make them to be liberals or revolutionaries.As Pan Africanist we need our entry point in terms of main stream media maybe infiltrating ladies and gents inside the offices and footsoldiers but not do the same mistake of sacrificing our cadres like Vincent Mfundisi ,Stembele Khala etc etc.We need to use force ,boycot and mass mobilisation to make our voices loud and head by many people inside and outside Azania.Psychology always favoured one is known and become a darling hence mandela was a popular sell out than a revolutionary Prof Sobukwe

  22. 2011 NATIONAL LOCAL GOVERNMENT ELECTIONS will not bring about service delivery but will make sure the ruling mafias govern with mandate.The question remains when Pac will take state of the nation serious in terms of engagement and liberating downtrodden masses .Answer lies in PaC TO TAKE organisation serious not mismanaging finances of the party ,fail to account for small purse and is a down fall of Pac.Cde letlapa Mphahlele faILED TO ACCOUNT

  23. National liberation cannot be abandoned until we return the land to its rightful owners.The shack or squalor problems will remain with us until we address the land issue so literal scrap section 25 of the constitution otherwise aborigin Africans will continue to suffer.Economical we need to challenge the life sentence of bond slavery of 20 years is uncalled is daylight robbery to have nots.Salary review is needed with urgent speed cause trade union failed dismally to address and are jabaas of the state.Elections is not an answer to our problems but an extention of delaying our cause .Aluta continua

    1. Pan African revolutionaries in Azania must mobilize and organize the masses to smash the neo-colonial state, and to advance the struggle against the ANC’ neo-liberal capitalist agenda in order to achieve total liberation and true independence

      1. There is a lot of theory among Africanists, no practical. Sons and doughter of the soil its time to act. What programmes are there that will bring the youth together to achieve the true liberation of Africa. We are talking about land, what are we doing about land that we have. Are there any structures in place lead by the Africanists that can draw a youth to our vision. The youth of today does not know the value of land. If projects can be formed by the structures we have and contest for delivery. This can be housing structures, agricultural, mining, fishing, etc. The move must be the use of land not only acquiring land. This can have a great impact in the society.

  24. 2011 is around the corner and is 48 hours to it,but political careerist will be up in arms for council,ward,pr and mayor post feud will ensue in political parties.The fight will be informed by materialism not service delivery ,warlord will brandish thuggery skills of placing themselves in high list .The struggle for the oppressed will remain clarion call until we fight for a genuine liberation not food parcels.

  25. There is a lot of theory among Africanists, no practical. Sons and doughter of the soil its time to act. What programmes are there that will bring the youth together to achieve the true liberation of Africa. We are talking about land, what are we doing about land that we have. Are there any structures in place lead by the Africanists that can draw a youth to our vision. The youth of today does not know the value of land. If projects can be formed by the structures we have and contest for delivery. This can be housing structures, agricultural, mining, fishing, etc. The move must be the use of land not only acquiring land. This can have a great impact in the society.

    1. The questions , starts with where are the loopholes ? Why the motherbody (PAC) doesnt give factual direction on what need to be done to bring the values of the organisation back to thier roots. Am against what the party itself is currently doing , please sing the african song of which titled land first and unpack its important toward the economic development and contribution , and unmusk our african with little promises that they were promised by goldigger (ANC) . MaAfraka there is no political freedom and economical freedom until we get our land back , (No a portion of land but , our land)

      I zwelethu – Iafrika – Away with confused citizen away.

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