David Cameron
David Cameron

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has long threatened to withhold UK financial aid from African governments that do not reform legislation banning homosexuality. On 30 October 2011, Cameron was reported to have said, “Britain is one of the premier aid givers in the world. We want to see countries that receive our aid adhering to proper rights. Those receiving UK aid should adhere to proper rights.”

Britain has threatened that if Malawi did not legalise homosexuality and same sex marriages, Britain would withdraw its aid which has been reported as being in the order of 19 million pounds. Uganda has become a recent victim of British intimidation, after it passed in its parliament, a Bill making homosexuality and same sex marriage a criminal offence. African leaders must take up pending serious African issues with Europe, the colonial under-developer of Africa. I will elaborate on this later. For now, let me remind that the first same sex marriage on this planet, took place in the Netherlands on 1 April 2001. Was this April Fools day joke? No, Belgium followed in 2003, Spain in 2005, Canada in 2005, Norway in 2009. In America at that time out of 52 states that constitute the USA, only six had legalised same sex marriages. In Africa out of 54 African countries, only South Africa has allowed homosexuality and legalised same sex marriages.

I was a Member of the South African Parliament for ten years. When I spoke in the debate on homosexuality, I said among other things, “Only those who have sold their souls to cultural imperialism will support this obscenity. It is hypocritical to talk of ‘moral regeneration’ and ‘African Renaissance’ and turn round and surrender to this cultural aberration. It is no excuse that it is in the constitution. It should never have been there in the first instance. The burning issues in this country are landlessness [of the African people], inhuman squatter camps, unaffordable education and unemployment, lack of good health care [for Africans] and eradication of poverty….A large body of scientific researchers on homosexuality has established that there is no scientific basis for homosexuality. There is no gay gene.” [Interjections]…..Population is a very important national asset, especially for Africa. Africa has more resources than the so-called “first world” which incidentally, is much younger than Africa, especially on matters of morality. Pre-colonially, African laws never clashed with moral issues. In African societies morality was synonymous with legality. Law is a natural product of a people…… This African principle of law-making was long appreciated by Frederick Karl von Savigny, who was incidentally an outstanding German jurist. He pointed out that “law must develop naturally. Law is a unique creation of each nation and race. Laws must be adapted to the spirit of each nation because rules that apply to one nation are not valid for another nation…. This is correct. That is why there has to be respect for the national sovereignty of every nation, except where there is gross violation of human rights, for example, situations of genocide…… Friederich Puchta, another eminent European jurist said, “Law grows with the growth of a people.” To Puchta, a nation was a community of people linked together by historical, geographical and cultural ties.”…..Puchta elaborated on the theory of jurisprudence known as volkgeist. He said that volkgeist is the broad principles of the legal system that are found in the spirit of the people and become manifest in customary rules. He concluded by saying that “legislation must conform to the popular consciousness of the people.”

Africa must therefore not adopt European laws that are in conflict with the moral values of the majority of Africans and could cause political instability in an African nation, causing violence and even reducing the African population dangerously.

AIDS has decimated millions of young Africans who are the future and source of Africa’s population and its perpetuation. Thousands of young people are buried every week in Africa living older people behind. There are other diseases such as TB and Malaria that are contributing to Africa’s population decline. It has also been found that the fertility of women in South Africa, for example is declining. If Africans are not vigilant and play down the importance of population, soon a depopulated Africa shall be a dumping ground of over-populated countries from elsewhere outside Africa. This will have suicidal consequences for the African people.

Population is an important national weapon, politically, professionally, industrially and militarily. One of the main factors that led to the demise of apartheid colonial South Africa is that the international community found it repugnant that a tiny settler colonial minority could bully 80% African indigenous majority with the assistance of many Western European countries. Nations that practise homosexuality will disappear from the face of the earth. Africa must not be among them.

The pressure on Africa to go homosexual is coming from Europe. This is from the British government and its allies that have not accounted for their role in the Slave Trade of Black human beings (Africans). Through the Berlin Act of 26 February 1885, seven European countries stole the whole of Africa except Ethiopia. They sliced this African Continent among themselves like a cake at a royal wedding. They used the “cheap native labour” and looted the riches of Africa to develop Europe and under-develop Africa. They practised unprecedented racism in human history. They treated Africans as sub-humans. Paradoxically, they are today lecturing Africans on how they must live and govern themselves. These self-appointed “teachers” may have the most sophisticated weapons of mass destruction in the world, but they know very little about morality.

Speaking about the barbaric enslavement of Africans by Europeans in Senegal in February 1992, Pope Paul John II pleaded with Africans “to forgive all those who during those 500 years [of European slave trade] have been the cause of pain and suffering for your ancestors and for yourselves.”

Writing about the inhumanity of the European slave traders with the full support of their governments, the Rev J.H. Soga said, “Murder was the order of the day. Men and women and children were massacred, and the captives sold without regard to the ties of fatherhood or offspring. The one ruthlessly torn from the other as if the bond of love…had no existence. Family upon family, tribe upon tribe was often completely swept away not even an infant being spared. Millions upon millions of the sons and daughters of Africa were sent to destruction as if they had been wild animals.”

These were the days when the Right Rev. Mead, Bishop of the Diocese of Virginia in America, then a British colony, could preach to the African slaves and say, “Almighty God has been pleased to make you slaves here, and give you nothing, but labour and poverty in this world, which you are obliged to submit to, as it is His will that it should be so. Your bodies…are not your own: they are at the disposal of those you belong to.”

A Swiss missionary Henri Junod proclaimed, “The Blacks…despite all that has been written on the fundamental axiom of absolute equality of mankind, are an inferior race, made to serve….Everyone…is deeply concerned that the Blacks should accept the position assigned to them by physical and intellectual faculties. Without the arms of the natives the gold mines in Johannesburg which have built up the prosperity of South Africa would cease to exist from one day to the next for it is the native arms which accomplish the entire manual labour in the extracting of gold…the white man’s role is that of the organiser, the master under whose watch; must work million arms of the native population.”

A British philosopher Betrand Russell has written about European atrocities in the “Belgian” Congo. “Each village was ordered by the authorities to collect and bring in a certain amount of rubber – as much as the men could bring in by neglecting all work for their own maintenance. If they failed to bring the required amount, their own women were taken away and kept as hostages of government employees. If this failed…troops were sent to the village to spread terror, if necessary by killing the men…they were ordered to bring one right hand amputated from an African victim for every cartridge used.”

According to Sir H.H. Johnston the Congo population was reduced from 20 million people to nine million in fifteen years. These Are Matters African Leaders Must Discuss with Western Europe and its allies, NOT HOMOSEXUALS AND SAME SEX MARRIAGES.

The worst genocide occurred in Namibia in 1904. Namibia was then a German colony. A well armed German colonial army under General Lothar von Trotha drove the Hereros to the Kalahari Desert where there was no water. 80% of the Herero people died of dehydration in that desert.

African people must raise this debate to a higher level where it really belongs. All imperialist countries that colonised Africa must pay reparations for the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade in African human cargo as well as reparations in looting African riches after the Berlin Conference.

European museums are full of artifacts that were looted from Africa by European colonial governments. Their home is Africa. European countries must repatriate these artifacts to their African owners in Africa.

On the repatriation of these African artifacts from European museums, UNESCO Director-General, Amoude-Mahtar M’Bow wrote, “The return of a work of art or record to the country which created it enables its people to recover part of the memory and identity and proves that the long civilisation which shapes the history of the world is still continuing in an atmosphere of mutual respect among nations.”

Africa has never dictated to Europe what laws Europeans must or must not make. It is therefore, very impudent of Britain and its allies to want to bully Africa into making laws that suit Europe and threaten withholding financial aid to African countries that refuse to legalise homosexuality in their own countries.

Anyway, let it never be forgotten that Western Europe and its allies accumulated its wealth from the enslavement of Africans and underdevelopment of the African Continent through the barbaric and inhuman Berlin Act of 26 February 1885. Unfortunately, while there are attempts to divert this serious issue to homosexuality and same sex marriages; the neo-colonial exploitation of Africans by former architects of slavery and colonialism goes on unabated. In the words of Pope Benedict XVI, “Our Western way of life has stripped Africa’s people of their riches and continues to strip them.”

By Dr. Motsoko Pheko
The writer is a former member of the South African Parliament. He is author of several books on history, political science, law and theology.


  1. Pheko was a member of the PAC who never had more than three seats in a parliament out of 400 – it now only has one member. It is a wayward, small party that has very little if any impact in South Africa. 99,9% of South Africans ignore them and so should you. PS He makes some valid points about slavery and the Berlin act, but everything he says about homosexuals are poppycock.

    1. Do you consider them ignorant because you do not agree with them or because you believe they are wrong on this issue and you are right? Why do S. Africans ignore him in the first place? 1% is not negligible at all; they still represent part of the opinions and views of South Africans and you need to respect that.

      If there’s ever going to be a meaningful discussion on these matters, you will need to change your tone or tone-down a bit and be more civil; accommodating different opinions and perspectives. Whatever Love entails!; whoever is assigned with ringing of the bell for change in this cosmopolitan world!; What is historic about gay and lesbian rights? Help masses understand these issue properly; do not rant at them. They also have a right to know and understand these forces of change you advocate.

      What am i saying? Nothing: BECAUSE I AM SO IGNORANT OF THIS GAY/LESBIAN CAMPAIGN AND NEED YOU TO EDUCATE ME, please; just like many millions out there. Not to come out thundering like lightening! You lose us in the thunder! We are keen to get things wrong so we can then be able to refine our thinking, attitudes and beliefs, but we need you to be part of that process. I live in a country where these rights have been granted gays and lesbians, and they still get scolded and assaulted and even killed for not being in line with the norms of society; and i wonder! Please help people understand, help them; knowledge is what they thirst for and understanding, their daily craving. May be the world would be a better and safer place if we all enjoyed the same music and or spoke the same language: which in my opinion would be a dangerously boring society to live in.

      I do not think anything can be imposed on a people in any given corner of the world in this modern day, without first justifying its urgency. The repercussions could be disastrous. So educate those who you consider are still lacking in understanding or ignorant of the wind of change that is sweeping the socio-cultural spheres of our world, which you very clearly articulate in your response; if not reaction. Do not castigate those who disagree with you; enlighten them, Gayspeak EZine. It’s an idea; and you need to get it across to the masses so they can be persuaded by your coherent argument. That’s the kind of society i would like to live in and my children to inherit. A society that speaks, discusses, debates, shares knowledge and ideas.

  2. Dr,Motsoko pheko,gays and lesbian African is apolitical and a social reality.Its is an arc of history that is unstoppable.The bell for full gays rights has been rung and cant and wont be un-rung.Soon the haters in Africa will come to term with this fact.They will stop hating and start loving,live and let live.

    1. Homosexuality is not apart of African culture, tradition, religion, or has no significance in any part of African society, it has no place in Africa. The Europeans wish to push sexual perversion and mask it under the façade of freedom and liberty, equal rights. They also claim they are giving humanitarian aid while ravage African of it’s resources and ignite ethnic conflicts to serve their interest. Homosexuality is not African

  3. I think the points brought up in this article are very important. However, the flow from premise to premise do not logically follow in order, therefore, I think that the author cannot make a valid and sound conclusion from his arguments. For example, the author mentioned how nations should respect each other’s sovereignty and laws and laws are culturally specific. Yet the author mentioned human rights and that African nations should not have to pass homosexual and gay rights. I think those points contradict each other.

    1. Michael Davis, I totally agree with you on everything.
      Chrycka, the issue is Afrikan priorities and Afrikan perspectives. Afrika has Human Rights and Peoples Rights. As for logic there is the matter of logic forever fencing the logic of the matter in constant contradiction. It would help if you show Afrikan ancient scripts on homosexuality and same sex marriages.

  4. Read, Re-read, Post and Re-post and Read again. Then ask yourself, are we going to let this happen again? The death, enslavement, exploitation and ruthless reign of terror over our people! Africa has a plethora of resources, the population is being decimated by the millions. If this continues who will be left to defend the land. Ungodly nations will come in to rob and gobble up vast wealth to the detriment of the indigenous people. Read, Re-read, Post and Re-Post and Read again!!!!!!!

    1. This whole thing of bullying countries to bow to homosexuality and same sex marriage isn’t a unique ploy used just against Africa, but it’s being used against descendants of Africans who were taken as slaves to the Caribbean. Jsmaica, for example, has been constantly under attack to do away with her buggery laws and free up same sex relationships. Barbados? Well let us not even go there as thst colony is already called Little England, so I figure you know what that means. A concerted effort needs to put in place to educated our people that the whole thing is a design aimed at wiping us out as a race.

  5. ONLY A GENTILE! only a gentile would go against a Jew because that Jew don’t go against his Father, these gentiles are getting more sick each day. My suggestion is that, the Africans don’t take their aide. Pray to the most high, Yahweh, that he relieves the pressure off his people. Without faith there is no hope, but in due time, they will have their time to rejoice and it will come to pass when the gentiles pay for what they continue to do. Its all a matter of time, until then keep the faith and remember DO NOT GO IN THE WAY OF THE GENTILE(use their money) Shalom.

  6. These people have some nerve! Did I read this right? “Britain is one of the premier givers in the world. We want to see countries that receive our aid adhering to proper rights. Those receiving UK aid should adhere to proper rights.” What the heck? What freaking wealth did England originally have? Where are their natural resources? HIW WAS/IS THEIR WEALTH ACCUMULATED? The nerve of these people man!!!!!! They are not giving aid, they are simply giving back a very small portion of what was stolen!!!! When will people of the diaspora wake up and realise that these types of injustices must be stopped? We have the power to come togther and end this foolishness! But we won’t. Because those who have the power to do so are too busy lined up at Foot Locker waiting on the next Jordan release, or twerking to Beyonce’s music………

  7. The conflict of right and wrong will be the final conflict. These people are pushing their soul-less freedom from religion ideology, in an attempt to squash the ideal of freedom of religion. And while they’re pushing this poppycock, they’re plundering the world with this 19th century fiscal paradigm that has allowed one percent of the population to control over 60% of the money. One day, soon I hope, the money changers’ tables will be over turned and they will be expelled from the temple. Until then, we the people must resist.
    Wake up people. God Is Watching.

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