Facebook ‘take down’ APLA!

By Reggy Nyandeni

Popular online social networking site Facebook shocked the administrator, Justice Mvakali, of Azanian Peoples Liberation Army (APLA Introspection) when he received the news that the group has been removed from the site. The reasons, which are in the possession of Mayihlome News, for the removal, were sent via a mail to Mvakali on Wednesday. The vague quote under the subject “Facebook Warning” reads as follows:

Social Networking giant Facebook has taken down APLA facebook group

“Hello, The group “Azanian Peoples Liberation Army (APLA Introspection)” has been removed because it violated our Terms of Use. Among other things, groups that are hateful, threatening, or obscene are not allowed. We also take down groups that attack an individual or group, or advertise a product or service. Continued misuse of Facebook’s features could result in your
account being disabled.”

The group administrator reacted angry to the decision and described the action as driven by a political agenda to suppress Pan Africanism. He vowed to fight victoriously using popular APLA war slogan “upoqo akabethwa” (APLA will never be defeated). APLA fought in the liberation struggle as a military wing of the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania during the days of Apartheid South Africa ’s white settler government.

Mayihlome News sent Facebook a set of questions to understand the circumstances that led to the removal of the group, viz:

Why exactly did Facebook remove APLA Introspection? In what way did the group violate the Terms of Use? Who reported the alleged violation? In what way is the group hateful, threatening, or obscene? Who made the threats, expressed hatred, used obscenities; and against who? Which individual or group was attacked? Which product or service was advertised on the group? Does Facebook recognize freedom of expression and diversity of political views? Are all members of the group guilty of the alleged violations of the terms of use? Lastly, did Facebook inform members of the group of this decision and the reasons before executing?

At the time of publishing, Facebook had not responded to our questions. Mayihlome News is still looking forward to hear how Facebook explains itself out of this seemingly intolerant decision.

This subjective ‘take down’ decision by Facebook raised fears about the objectivity of the popular social networking site and the extent to which it will go to allow unfettered free flow of ideas. The action by the site to ‘take down’ groups that holds different political views to those preferred by the site could be seen as a dictatorship of ideas.

It is not yet clear how members of the group are reacting to the decision since their collective platform has been demolished.


7 thoughts on “Facebook ‘take down’ APLA!

  1. I am not shocked about all this. Facebook is a white controlled business and its purpose is to serve those that are excepting the scrams from the tables of the purpet white masters and its mission is to push an agenda of the imperialism and of these sell-outs neo capitalist of the anc. Let me tell this. We as APLA FORCES we never spread crude speaches or made any threats to no body over facebook, even the present system knows us as biting tigers and not bucking tigers, we do’nt make threats we pull the mission, this is an element of cowards. Facebook is programed by the west to frastrate the forces of APLA/PAC. There is nothing we can bag facebook about, cause we use to opperate with out it, and we will push our programs better and there will be no spy on us as facebook served as, there are awb, freedom front plus, nationalist paty, da, anc and the other criminal white parties that are always attacking and threatning PAC forces, but i never heared them being threatned or removed from the facebook why?. Therefor i wish to encourage APLA FORCES, MAJAZANA, CHRIS, ABDUL and the rest to take courage, backwards never, forward ever and do’nt compromise the mission of our existance. Izwe lethu!!!

    1. Time you realize the world is white, blacks will always be the minority making the most noise like empty tins on a string.

  2. It is disgusting and frustrating 2 c how evil and cruel is the history of APLA being reduced by those in power.One must kmow that by closing down APLA’s site wont discourage the freedom loving Azanian people

  3. The real APLA was fatally wounded at Chunya on March 11, 1980 and died with Leballo in January 1986. The creature now called APLA is a clique of mystical fascists led in parliament by a psychotic murderer.

  4. I was in APLA from 1976-1986 . You can read my books about PAC and APLA free on www scribd: com
    “Racing Mandela: the story of the Lesotho Liberation Army and the Azanian People’s Liberation Army”(2012), “The Pan Africanist Congress of Azania ” (1995), “Mandela and Sisulu: equivocation, treachery and the road to Sharpeville” (2010), “Lesotho and the struggle for Azania ” PhD thesis 1985.

    They explain why the organisation that calls itself APLA has no right to do so.and has rightly been banned ftrom Facebook

    1. Prof Leeman, Having read all your books i was wondering when can we expect your articles on Leballo and his legacy in this forum?

      People knows much about Sobukwe, now much so because of the recent coverage that he has been enjoying from South Africa media in commemoration of Sharpville Day. But very few people can articulate on Leballo in an informed manner in which you discuss him in your books.

      I believe justice needs to be done to the memory, life, sacrifices and death of Leballo as the founder and architect of PAC.

      Izwe Lethu!

  5. Was this mandela a second in command of Jesus ? Cause the whole world is making noise more specially the West compared to South African people , WHY ?

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