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The Pan Africanist Youth Congress (PAYCO) calls on Letlapa Mphahlele to step down immediately.

Recently, the WESTERN CAPE HIGH COURT Case Number 12174/2008, in the matter between Motsoko Pheko and Letlapa Mphahlele & Others ruled that the Constitution that was adopted at the National Congress on 04-06 July 2008, in terms of which Mphahlele was elected president, is null and void automatically nullifying Mphahlele and cronies’ title to PAC leadership.

The Pan Africanist Youth Congress (PAYCO) calls on Letlapa Mphahlele to step down immediately.

Recently, the WESTERN CAPE HIGH COURT Case Number 12174/2008, in the matter between Motsoko Pheko and Letlapa Mphahlele & Others ruled that the Constitution that was adopted at the National Congress on 04-06 July 2008, in terms of which Mphahlele was elected president, is null and void automatically nullifying Mphahlele and cronies’ title to PAC leadership.

This in fact means that at this point the PAC has no National Executive Committee (NEC) and we call for the establishment of a Transitional Authority to prepare for a national convention, policy conference and finally, an elective national congress.

Mphahlele continue to masquerade as President and we will get him arrested for his contemptuous illegal conduct and actions.

We will take legal action against him to officially declare the leadership of Mphahlele and cronies null and avoid and at the same time appoint a Transitional Authority.

This latest development comes after a series of continuing treacherous events perpetrated by Letlapa Mphahlele’s in an attempt to kill the PAC.

It is our view, shared by PAC members, that Letlapa Mphahlele has sold out and is guilty of attempting to kill the PAC on the basis of the following:

Systematic destruction of Party structures by undermining Party constitution; unity and cohesion of the Party; abuse of power and dictatorship;

Driving some members of the Party to split and form their own organisations (African People‘s convention (APC) and Pan Africanist Movement (PAM));

Dividing and undermining critical mass mobilisation structures like the office of National Organiser; The Youth movement; Veterans and Workers;

During 2004 elections the Party managed to get five (5) public representatives and in 2009 Mphahlele‘s autocratic leadership style and lack of vision resulted in the party managing to get merely one (1) public representative occupied by him;

Dismal failure to achieve his own target of 20%, only managing to get a miserable 0.27% having polled 48,530 of the national vote as opposed to 113,512 received in 2004 under Dr. Pheko’s presidency;

Promised to build Headquarters for the PAC and rename it after the founding President Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe, three years down the line PAC has no office;

Promised to take PAC to its rightful owners but instead he turned it into a deeply factional organisation of members who agree with him only and insulted veterans, stalwarts and former presidents of the party accusing them of not being members of an organisation that they sacrificed their whole lives for;

He said he will build an organisation with vibrant structures but he is hell bent on destroying branches and component structures;

He said he would lead the party only for twelve months but now he has been in office for almost three years;

He said he will concentrate on building the organisation and won’t go to parliament but now he is in parliament; and

He claimed that he will speak against injustice and advance the plight of poverty striken, landless and economically exploited poor African masses but today he supports neo-colonial policies of the ANC through his deafening silence, rendering PAC literally non existent in the political arena.

PAYCO is committed to rebuild the Party and call on all PAC members to unite and save the party from Mphahlele‘s destructive behaviour.

Issued by the Pan Africanist Youth Congress

(For more information contact PAYCO President , Hulisani Mmbara on 082 593 3012)



  1. please put a link to forward some of the press release to friends. thank you

    1. You can use the Share/Save button at the bottom of the press release it will give you a number of options you can you to send or share this press release with interested parties.
      That option will be on all articles and stories and events from now going forward to allow easy sharing of content that we publish.

  2. Izwe Lethu!!

    I must start off by agreeing that we do need a change in the leadership. In fact, we need much more than a mere change of faces. It is for this reason that leadership, cadreship and membership must be seen as a systemic continuum- Disorganized membership and cadreship create the conditions fertile for intra-party leadership strife. Conversely, no single individual or faction could ever succesfully derail the revolutionary agenda of the PAC- only with the active or passive cooperation of the membership and cadreship! We must therefore take collective ownership of the intra-party situation and develop comprehensive interventions THAT WILL LAST.

    Changing leadership must be contextualised within the grand march of the African masses towards total emancipation from capitalist exploitation. This march is being stultified by a mass-based and well-funded labour aristocracy that is tireless in its efforts to prevent a socialist revolution in Azania. The march is being undermined by the continued disintegration of the revolutionary organizations into ineffectual splinters in this country. It is suppressed by the dominant neo-liberal discourse the world over. Even more so by the systematic strangulation of Pan Africanist thought in our country.

    We therefore must look at the source rather than the symptoms- one individual or faction is merely a manifestation of a more destructive cause: that the PAC cadreship is disorganized and demobilised. So is the rest of the revolutionary left in this country. We must salute the strength of the young cadreship that is growing within the ranks our PAYCO and PASMA. Surely even the force of nuclear power would never deter a committed and organised cadreship.

    Our contemplated change must not lead to new leadership strife. How do we ensure that it does not? By effectively and efficiently managing the change process ourselves! Managed unscientifically and harphazardly, the change we need might just lead to further confusion and disintegration, and that in turn would necessitate another change soon thereafter ad infinitum… and the PAC would continue to wallow in this quagmire of poorly managed change.

    Managing change scientifically requires stakeholder buy-in for the change, a positive approach in managing resistance to the change, a clearly defined ideal future state as well as a clear attainable program towards that future state, to name just a few critical pre-conditions. If this approach is not followed, the change would very well usher into an unfavourable future state undermining the very goal of establishing an Africanist socialist state in Azania. It is for this reason that change management should be handled with utmost sensitivity, insight and revolutionary discipline. Obviously, it cannot be enough to advise caution whilst ommiting to prosose a way forward.

    As the youth of the PAC, it is incumbent upon ourselves to participate in the conceptualization of this ideal future (for a democratic, massed-based AND revolutionary party led by the working class…)Many of our youth leaders are already leading by example in this regard. Secondly, we should encourage and facilitate efforts towards the re-establishment of integrative political workshops in which current issues are discussed and the Pan Africanist ideology shared. Such discussions and growing awareness, spread and networked accross all Pan Africanists inside and outside PAC structures throughout Azania, is the ultimate guarantee against the opportunism of the PAC’s own aspiring labour aristocracy. It is only in the context of a clear revolutionary program and a critical revolutionary awareness that our interventions can be sustainable. Our revolutionary program and heightened revolutionary awareness would in turn inform the choice of leaders to entrust with the responsibility of steering this great ship.

    Lastly and most importantly, all dedicated structures and the youth must unite against the further splintering of our PAC heritage. This should be based on a deliberate program ochestrated to rally all Pan Africanists, throughout the corners of Azania, inside and outside the PAC, to all blaze the new trail home. This is possible only to the extent of the tolerant environment we should create. Indeed, the tolerant environment for Peace Among the Africans (… and War against the Enemy), an environment in which we dissolve our differences through educated discourse, an environment in which we are always mindful of the great task awaiting all Pan Africanists: that of uniting the thousands of the Continent’s clans, tribes, nationalities and political movements towards a United Socialist Africa.

    Only such a party can attain and maintain a socialist revolution. The goal for a socialist revolution therefore, is dependent upon the successful transformation of the PAC into a truly Africanist proletarian vanguard party as envisioned 50 years ago. We all cannot afford to have such a noble ideal compromised by impetuosity.

    Forward then, to a unified revolutionary PAC; tomorrow the Socialist State of Azania!!

  3. I agree with Majasi. I made a similar request. I still feel that the editors can make easier for readers to forward articles to other interested PAC members who are not aware of this website.

    1. You will notice that all recent news stories, articles, and events, including the resource page come now with a standard Share/Save button at the bottom , that button will allow you to share the articles and stories using a number of mediums, and we believe most of our readers are covered by these mediums.

      We welcome any suggestion you may have in this and any other regard.

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