In the early 1990’s, former ANC President Nelson Mandela went to fund-raise money from the Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan. In the sixteen years that it has been in power, ANC mouthpiece, the SABC, has reported once about Farrakhan yet Farrakhan raise issues of importance to Africans and people of African descent. He also speaks inconvenient truths and politicians, who are a bunch of liars, hate people like Farrakhan. That is why he can’t be covered by the public broadcaster (SABC). He speaks truth to power.

There was an election gimmick by the ANC written on posters which went something like this, “a contract with the people to create jobs and better their lives”. Farrakhan says a contract or a covenant is between parties who intend to make their word their bond. He quotes from the scriptures a line which says, “woe unto the shepherd who feeds himself and not the flock”. This mirrors the goings-on in the governing ANC, its formations and tripartite alliance. Their ostentatious opulent lifestyles have made them to lose touch with the masses. There is a disconnect between leaders and the people. Most of the leaders are hirelings that flee when the wolf comes. But a good shepherd will lay down his life for the sheep.

Black intellectuals have been separated from the masses of our people. The PAC, Azapo, Sopa, and COPE should note that what is missing is not the genius that is present or the genius that is missing. The thing that is missing is the unity of us as a people. There are also leaders of trade unions aligned to the ANC like Cosatu who constantly pull wool over our eyes by pretending that they are for the rights of workers.

Power concedes nothing without a demand. Farrakhan says power won’t even concede to a demand if the demand is coming from a weak constituency that looks like they have lost their testicular fortitude. Leaders of Cosatu sit and talk with ANC leaders in meetings of their alliance. But the people can’t eat from the table of illusion and hypocrisy.

Some political parties seem to be having no faith that we will get our land back because the majority of us suffer from mental slavery. Those who have access to wealth and “positions” are manichans in the shopping mall of democracy. Africans are in power but they don’t have power. There are Africans with money that we think are giants but in the company of their white counterparts they are midgets.

Farrakhan says the unity of black people is more powerful than the atomic bomb or hydrogen bomb. There is no hope in our country’s and any other country’s corrupt political system. Our country’s corrupt political system is not going to serve our needs. The ANC doesn’t give a damn about democracy. Democracy is a trick.

By Sam Ditshego

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