Blade is childish

The Pan Africanist Student Movement azania (PASMA) hereby condemns the statements as made by the pseudo communist higher education minister that “the minority students are the ones who are derailing the progress of higher education through their protests”. By this statement is he saying the poor are a minority and therefore their participation should be minimal? His utterances are childish and reactionary for someone who holds a qualification on a doctoral qualification. It makes all of us to agree with the notion that he’s just a political sympathee and not an academic hence him being granted such a qualification.

Secondly we are disgusted by the fact that blade and his political cronies within the department of higher education and intelligence continue to disregard the fallists activists as led by pasma in their so called quest to find solutions to the free education crises are laughable and petty. we were never invited to the so-called educational imbizo and other similar seatings hence We know of their shady plans to forcefully bring the sellout component (sasco) back into power through forceful means including suspensions and expulsions of revolutionary democratic leadership as elected by the student constituency having recently lost many institutions in the country to pasma and other student bodies.

A warning to blade and his cronies is that his arrogance and failure to recognize the relevant stakeholder which is students through their student bodies will collapse the higher education system to its knees.

Blade must stop trying to be a trickters and operate more like a minister trying to resolve issues affecting his department and the future of our people. We all want institutions to resume their academic operations for the year but through proper processes and channels with plans for free, de-colonized education system.

Their militarization of campuses and abuse by security forces on students just like the in marikana and during the apartheid times shall meet the full might of students just like the times of the apla, azanla in their quest for liberation during the apartheid. Ours is a genuine course for educational And economic liberation and just like the generation of 1960 and that of 1976 we shall achieve our generational mission and give our country a developmental future that it wants through free and de-colonized education.

Released on behalf of PASMA NEC by
PASMA Secretary General