Amina of Nigeria


It is in the interest of the African working class to crush the myth that is continuously perpetuated to bring women down in workplace. Unfortunately this myth is most driven and reinforced by those who profess to be its victims. The myth of women inferiority in the name of African culture, oppression and limiting opportunities for girl-children is actually not African; it is foreign to our culture. Daughters of Africa have presided over all affairs of the state and society throughout history. African women have proven beyond doubt that being female is not disadvantageous in any way and therefore no fake tradition can justify exclusion of our daughters from reaching their full potential.

African societies have long standing cultural practice to orderly give each person, regardless of gender, space to grow and fulfil their destiny. It is in the military, which is normally viewed as a preserve for males in other societies, where African women have proven their worth. The names of brilliant Generals that easily come to mind include Mukabayi ka Jama of KwaZulu, Yaa Shantewa of Ashanti, Candice of Ethiopia, Nzingha of Angola, Nehanda of Zimbabwe, Dahia-al Kahina of Kahina and Hatshepsut of Kemet (Land which Egypt stand on today). Given this historical account, it is clearly not in the culture of African military establishment to exclude its daughters.

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