Cardiff Marney


The valour and good deeds of patriotic heroes of the national liberation struggle often serves to provide inspiration to new generations of leaders. Patriots are a beacon of light for new pathfinders. Those who may be groping in the dark will only have themselves to blame if they are later found to have been lazy to search further for exemplary roles, and are themselves one dimensional and blinkered in the way they handle social issues, imbibing only from the official list of what is termed national, patriotic and heroic.

The group in power will always shine the light on its own version of heroes, in a biased and sectarian manner, and they will deliberately exclude social movements and great personalities they are embarrassed to acknowledge or give official recognition to. The dominant perspective of history at any given time is often that of the ruling party, and it is that of the newly-rich class in power. The post apartheid South African government is no exception to this trend.

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