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“Redefining Afrika’s Political Identity in the Era of Globalisation”- 2nd Mayihlome Annual Lecture

Trade is not new. Struggle is not new. Both are as old as human endeavor and for as long as the two have been at odds , there have been fierce battles fought . Whether it was called imperialism, colonialism, global oppression, apartheid the struggle by the many against the economic tyranny of the few remains one of the longest in human history. International trade too has an ancient history. The context for Afrika includes a conflation between colonial interests ,political subjugation and economic control. The story of Afrika after the invaders is essentially a story of the West’s insatiable appetite for raw materials, cheap labour and beautiful minerals ,wildlife and fauna all of which Afrika “Free trade” is not a new experiment either it has been tried before. Prior to the advent of colonialism, the region used to dominate international trade. Colonialism distorted the terms of trade and Third World countries were transformed from being exporters of manufactured commodities to being suppliers of raw materials and a market for British manufactures. What has changed are the uncomfortable, unfavorable and often immoral terms of engagement between the global South and the North.

The prevailing trade paradigm presupposes the existence of equal power relations equal gender relations, equal race relations, equal access to resources and equal voice in economic agenda setting. This is an absolute lie. Some are clearly more equal than others and their voices more audible than others. The ascendance of the World Trade Organisation in 1995 as the overarching body has given rise to continued discussions detailing the historical and structural inequities that prevail unfettered in the current global trading system. It is in fact the institutionalisation of every lie about the supposedly equal nature of power relations between the global communities.


It is with great pleasure that the Pan Africanist Youth Congress (PAC) of Azania cordially invites all committed activists to the 2nd Mayihlome Annual Lecture to be held on Saturday, 30th October 2010 at the Central University of Technology – Welkom Campus from 16h00, under the theme “The Struggle for Economic Liberation in Neocolonial Times”, to be delivered By Liepollo Lebohang Pheko.

In a nutshell, the Annual Mayihlome Lecture is a public political platform to promote discourse over challenges facing the poor African masses in Azania and the whole African world, from a pan Africanist point of view.

The target constituency for this Annual lecture is young people, especially students, young women, the working class and the poor masses in general.

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