Ezrom Serame Mokgakala


When it comes to learning how to fight poverty, almost all the experts agree that The Peoples’ Republic of China is the best place to begin.

“China has set an example internationally for reducing poverty, raising hundreds of millions of people out of poverty in twenty years,” said Yukon Huang, Chief of the World Bank’s Resident Mission in the Peoples’ Republic.

The Chinese Government embarked on a poverty reduction campaign in 1978 and by 1993, the number of poor people in China was reduced from 250 million to only 80 million, thereby reducing the incidence of poverty among the people by more than 30% – a very impressive achievement indeed.

With a US$35 billion support from the World Bank, the government of The Peoples’ Republic of China launched a carefully planned and monitored campaign, consisting of over 220 projects scattered around the country-side to address the problem of poverty.

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