The demand for a living wage has ended in the cold-blooded shooting down and murder of some 50 mine workers in Marikana by the South African Police force. One can safely say, without fear of contradiction, that their deaths are a direct consequence of the ruling party’s subordinated policies.

Further they were killed firstly because two policemen were amongst the ten people who had died earlier but also because the ruling oligarchy continues to hold Black lives cheap.

“Before rigor-mortis could even set in on the bullet-riddled bodies of the mine workers, platinum figures surged to a one-month high at the world’s No. 3 producer of the metal, raising concerns that supply would be more limited than previously thought,” reads the banner headline on Google News as well as every other business website. Even in death the shattered bodies of the Black worker accrues profit for the rapers of continents and destroyers of nations with the eager support from the ANC government and its storm-troopers.

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