The struggle is about power and those in power always want to have more power. South Africa will be the first country to have, in place, a media tribunal if the proposed information bill passes as is. Constitutional law expert Archibald Cox, drawing from the experiences of his country, the United States of America, says a free, self-governing people needs full information concerning the activities of its government not only to shape views of policy and vote in elections, but also to compel the government, its agent, to act responsively and account for its doings.

We come from a past in which we were denied the facts and prevented from communicating with each other in ways necessary for self-government and where the racist Apartheid government had the absolute power of censorship. The press was not free; we could not speak, write, and engage in political discourse and activities without fear of reprisal. After sixteen years of relative press freedom, the ruling ANC, SACP and ANCYL want to take us back to those dark days of oppression. Some government officials who have been engaging in malfeasance and corruption are calling for the establishment of a media tribunal to curb leaks that exposes corrupt activities.


Landscape is the artistic architecture of natural scenery. Politics is a natural phenomenon which has observable structure and form. It is the duty of every citizen to study and observe complex composition of political elements and their combinations in society.

In modern times, elements of political landscape operate within a political party or organization in a given space. A political party or organization is an interest based institution. The combination of abstract parts in political party defines its character and behaviour. The behaviour of a political party or organization is not accidental. The manner of conduct flows from the ideological and political designs of the political institution. The fundamental political factors are philosophy, ideology, governance doctrine, strategy and tactics. The dynamic interaction between these five characteristics determines party ability to acquire and maintain power.

Party governance doctrine, strategy and tactic determine cohesion and performance whereas the clarity in philosophy and ideology crystallize party policies and programmes. Philosophy is a theoretical basis of understanding knowledge, ethics and existence. It is personal belief on how to approach situation. It is spectacle through which a world is viewable. All parties have attitude, which is informed by its interest group.


Let me make it clear that I hold no brief for the current ANCYL or its President. At the same time I also have no truck with the shenanigans of the unholy and unprincipled tripartite alliance which is characterized by parasitism and opportunism. But might I remind Blade Nzimande and Gwede Mantashe that the ANCYL is a formation of the ANC not an alliance partner that is parasitically and opportunistically clinging on to the ANC. The SACP has been riding on the coat tails of the ANC for far too long and it was about time that it should go it alone rather than being so grumpy and grouchy.

Mantashe told ANCYL President that he (Mantashe) wasn’t at the SACP special congress for the ANC. He said, “This is an SACP congress…” That is a typical problem of dual membership. Mantashe is Secretary General of the ANC. However he attends an SACP congress not as a member of the ANC, and yet he has the gall and temerity to tell SACP delegates at that SACP special national conference “to swell the ranks of the ANC” in order, as Nzimande unashamedly put it, “to reflect its character and strength as it seeks to influence decisions (read policies) in both the ANC and government”. This is blatantly parasitic and opportunistic. Why do they want to swell the ranks of the ANC and reflect their character and strength in the ANC in order to influence decisions in both the ANC and government rather than swelling the ranks of the SACP?


The media has been dominated by reports about the hypocrisy of Minister of Higher Education and Secretary General of the South African Communist Party (SACP), Blade Nzimande, who says one thing with one side of his mouth and says another with the other side of his mouth. Nzimande has recently purchased a luxury BMW 750i worth 1.1 million despite financial difficulties facing the South African government in the wake of the economic recession.

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